CleoCat-Fashion- my favorite online Korean fashion shop

It’s no secret that I love shopping and deals.

Sometimes I find a bit frustrating to find that perfect shop where you can score both a deal AND cute, quality clothes. Am I the only one?

Well, I just recently came across that shop and it is CleoCat-Fashion! An online fashion store that sells low-priced mass market wholesale fashion and accessories in Asian countries such as South Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore (just to name a few)

So not only are the clothes adorable, but are of the latest Korean fashion trends like sheer blouses and long skirts. We’ve all seen that look rocked by girls groups like SNSD, Miss A and f(x) , right? My favorite item from the shop has to be the zipper skirt!


Isn’t it cute?! It’s one of those items that you can dress up or down (like in the photo) But the best part of it all-it’s just $7.80! Not to mention there is no minimum purchase quantity  so if you just wanted to buy one item, you can. Sweet, no?

If you’re not checking out CleoCat-Fashion – you are truly missing out!!

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