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Since June of 2009, Kstyle has been the go to site for Korean Pop fashion I.D.s and other fashion updates. Curious fans can find out an item a celebrity has recently worn, as well as where they can purchase it for the best possible price. Thanks to Kstyle’s connections with many of these brands, special discount codes are provided to its readers for additional savings.

38 Responses to About

  1. markie rai says:

    love this site

  2. Paris says:

    this site is just perfect!! 🙂

  3. JJ says:

    Can I request an item from a photo on 2pms Junsu?

    Thank you

  4. rosa says:

    this site is really wonderful

  5. shawna!!! says:

    wow i’m so glad i found this site hahaha
    thank you!!

  6. anonymous says:

    Hey i love ur fashion blog its great and inspirational!
    Just one question i don’t live in America, so i was wondering how tall r u (in cm) and what size do u get for ur denims? That would be really helpful if u can tell me because im not so sure what size to get for cheap mondays…. and im around 160cm tall.
    from a big fan of urs.

    • Kstyle says:

      Thank you!
      Well I’m about 167cm tall and I usually get a size 27.
      Though it really depends on your meaurements around your waist and hips.You can always fix the length of your pants at a tailor.
      If you can give me a guess of your measurements, I’ll try to point out a size for you.
      If this helps, my waist is 25in (63cm) and my hips are 38in (96cm)

      • anonymous says:

        What part of the waist & hips do u mean?
        Like the full hips right on the butt or the area right under ur belly button?
        And for the waist do u mean the tiniest part where it curves of your body or just the widest part of the waist?
        Sorry for these stupid questions but I just wanted to make sure before I tell u so that u can recommend me the correct size. And I really appreciate ur help very much, I always check for any updates everyday!
        PS. U can giv me a link to a picture of which part of the waist and hips u mean 🙂

  7. dalee94 says:

    hi im new to this site and was just wondering how do i make my purchase on the items ??

    • Kstyle says:

      Hi, There is always a purchase link next to the item (usually blue and underlined).
      You click it and it should take you directly to the item. If you are still having a hard time, just tell me which items you were considering purchasing and I’ll link them to you.

  8. anonymous says:

    for the hips i am around 87cm and for the waist around 67cm.
    pls reply 🙂 ty

  9. Hawraa says:

    Hai my name is Hawraa,
    I wanted to tell you that i love your blog and i think you should blog i little bit more to full fill my addiction HAHAHAHHA <3. I have a question: I wanted to order from Karmaloop and they told that i had to register but the system to register is a little bit complicated, do you mind blogging about it? Thank you in advance
    oxo with love

    • Kstyle says:

      Hi Hawraa!

      Thank you! If I had more time I really would.
      Uhm, here are the steps.
      1) go to the right hand corner on the top of the page. Above view cart
      2) click My account
      3)Put in your email adress
      4) select “No i need a password”
      5) Fill oout the rest of the info

      Hope I helped!!!

  10. Question.... says:

    Hi which online website would you recommend is the best?
    Cos I dunno which online website is the best and trustworthy.

  11. sizes says:

    if karmaloop doesnt have your size then what do you do?

    • Kstyle says:

      There are a few choices.
      1) Keep checking to see if Karmaloop will stock up with your size
      2) Click the “Don’t see your size?” link under the item to request your size
      3) Wait till tyhe item reaches PLNDR, they might have your size at an even lower price.

  12. sizes says:

    if karmaloop doesnt have your size (shoes) then what do you do?

  13. Tsuzuki Diep says:

    Do you have a place that I can actually go to and buy stuffs??? i meant in real life, not on blogs….Because since I dont really like to order from websites..Thanks!

  14. Michelle says:

    Hi dear,
    My name is Michelle and I’m from Singapore! I recently chanced upon your site and I really really like it! It’s like a daily dosage of fashion x kpop! And even better, discount codes for readers! Love your occasional outfit pictures as well!
    I’ve read several kpop fashion blogs and this is still my favourite!
    You must’ve spent a lot of time on the site! Keep it up! 😀

    Xoxo! ❤

  15. Love the site ❤ its an amzing site and i absolutely love your blog. It is very entertaining and i love reading every post you write ❤ ! thanks keep up the good work ! hwaiting!

  16. Fantastic site! I figured since you’re great with identifying clothes, if you could figure out where the hoodie from Flower Boy Ramyun Shop (ep 4) is from?

    Thanks for the your site! ^_^

  17. pachiaaa says:

    I adore your blog so much! I’m always finding my way back to this blog for street fashion and kpop stuff. THANK YOU!!!

  18. fjadskf says:

    may i make a request for the jacket that hongki was wearing in the “severely” music video? thanks for the blog btw, i’m a regular visitor (:

  19. Margaret says:

    best site everrr<3 I could browse on here for hours!! Thank you so much for compiling all this!

  20. Why there are so many joyrich items,i have no problem about it but just curious?

    • Sunny says:

      A lot of celebrities are seen wearing Joyrich because the brand may sponsor that celebrity/group/show/sitcom. So it helps get the brand known, especially since it is soooo popular in the United states and Japan.

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