Miss A’s Jia wears UNIF for lunch with Baek Ah Yeon

Back in September, Miss A‘s Jia was seen wearing The Turn Or Burn Sweater from UNIF for her lunch with Baek Ah Yeon. The sweater is currently on sale at Karmaloop for $69.00 , as always for up to 20% off, use repcode Kstyle.

Happy Shopping + Hwaiting!

Key wears Gerlan Jeans on Strong Heart

Back in August SHINee member Key appeared on Strong Heart to show off  some dance moves and to share his ‘strong hearted story’. Though viewers were more concerned about his non existing eyebrows and his unique sweater. The piece is from the Fall/Winter Gerlan Jeans collection No monster left behind. Check it out! 

The pattern is simple and color combo gives it a sugary sweet  feel. Definitely fits Key’s style! What do you think?

Stay tuned~ Hwaiting!

*Update*2Ne1’s last Farewell outfits*Update*

I’ve received tons of comments asking me if I  know about more items. If I have’nt posted it yet, I have no idea.

Bom’s sweater:



This is the Hellz Bellz – Women’s Natural Born Badass Hoodie in Purple. It is currently out of stock on Karmaloop but you can purchase it here for $59.95. GASP!
I do believe that CL’s vest is custom made by her stylists. She has around four jackets that have a similar style. In the latest episode of 2NE1tv YSH (their stylist ) revealed where 2NE1’s fashion magic happens. Check it out below:

Happy Shopping!


Credit!, Don’t forget it

Unfinished business:2Ne1 leggings, sweaters and more!!


Remember this M! countdown Performance? Where 2NE1 had backup dancers. No? click here then

Since I was searching Human Potenial I noticed that most of their wardrobe is from that name brand. A couple weeks ago I was going crazy to find Bom’s hoodie and Cl’s shirt in this post.

So there is going to be a lot in this post. Aigoo. Let’s start!

Back up dancers

Rocking the White Snake Leggings. It can be found here.

BACKDANC1BACKDANC2Then the White Arabian Code tee:

BACKDANC3Can also be found in black

BACKDANC4For more info on this tee click here.

Okay,back to my 2NE1 rocks HELLZ X BELLZ post.


Bom’s Silver cubic hoodie:

BOM(When I went to AsianFantics for thsi pic I saw that 2ne1fann answered my question ” Who is the designer of Bom’s sweater?” today. Isn’t that funny? )


CL’s Cubic tee and Hive head Hoodie:





Also on the first episode of 2NE1 Tv we saw or lovely leader wear a sleeveless version of her cubic Tee.


For more info on Bom and Cl’s Items click here, here and here.

Now last but not least: Minji’s leggings. While searching info for this entry. I discovered all these pairs of Leggings that Minji has worn.


She is wearing the Stamp leggingsminji tightsMINTIGHT@

minji tights2These are the yellow lined leggings .

Full Credit:to  Human Potential’s blog, fashion and site in general

Tip from: ChiriChiri and 2NE1fann (lol)

Special Thanks to Miri for all her support! I wouldn’t have this blog without you and sho.