Katy Perry v. Orange Caramel Dress off!

For the SBS 2010 Gayo Daejun show, Orange Caramel performed the ballad version of their hit A~ing in black Vultori-esque capes, but removed them for their Magic Girl look, revealing a familiar dress.

American artist Katy Perry wore it at the 2010 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show back in November. The dress was designed by Victoria secret’s head designers Todd Thomas and made by House of Harlot  just for her performance of Teenage Dream, Hot N Cold and California Gurls. It’s a custom one of a kind dress.

I am assuming Orange Caramel‘s stylist was inspired by the dress. They aren’t exact replicas, but come on… not cool. It was a show a show stopper and became infamous already . Tsk Tsk. I’ve been a fan of Katy for years now and she always seems to have something interesting to say, so I definitely would like to know what she thinks about this. Word will eventually get around.

What do you think?