2NE1 me2day fashion: LA Edition pt. 1 [June.25.10]

As you may have heard the fab girls of 2NE1 are in Los Angeles! They have been staying in touch with their fans via Me2day. Dara has posted tons of pictures of their trip so far. If you’re an avid reader on Kstyle, you know I make individual post about these Me2day finds, but there is 2NE1 overload, so I’m going to break up it by day.


Dara fooled around in a pair of distressed jeans styled with a John Galliano logo  belt and a tank from Christopher Kane. Don’t you just love her new haircut?


Park Bom posed wearing some killer heels from one of favorite my Fashion Designers Alexander McQueen.

This picture was not from 2NE1’s Me2day,but  Jaeson Ma‘s  Twitter. He posted this picture of himself along with Neo, Dara and Minzy at Pinkberry. Thanks to a tip from Reeve,we now know the top  Minzy wore is from H&M.


More parts to come

2NE1 SBS Let’s go party Perf. outfits

2NE1 ,G Dragon and Taeyang of Big Bang ended their night at the SBS Gayo De Jun with 2NE1’s song Let’s go Party.

The girls outfits weren’t so cohessive,since CL and Bom just finished a previous performance. Though Minji and Dara‘s outfits complimented each other. Probably because the girls were wearing G Dragon‘s back up dancer’s Christopher Kane tees.

*Update* I saw a close up of Dara’s skirt and I can tell that it is not from American Apparel, now. Though, you can cut and style the A.A skirt the same way.


Minji’s outfit in Baskin Robbins CF

Move out of the way Big Bang, 2NE1 is the new face of Baskin Robbins. The fashionista girl group released two cf’s and tons of pictures.

I noticed that Minji was wearing my all time favorite Street wear brand Hellz Bellz

The Queen Save God Tee in White Women’s Tee  to be exact. Interested in purchasing?

Karmaloop sells it for $16.95 ,that’s $21.05 dollars off the original price. You can buy it here.

Check out the 1st Cf here:

It’s so adorable. It reminds me of a Barbie commercial from the 1990’s.

Happy Shopping!


Another Dara dress from Numnero Magazine

KStyle reader Jjang has done it again! This time it’s another Dara dress 😀 The dress is from the Gucci Fall 2009 collection. This is one of my favorite dresses.

Check it out:


I have a feeling that more dresses are from this collection, but I have to wait until more HQ pictures are released.

Thanks Jjang!

Credit!, DOn’t forget it


Minji’s tee during Boom Boom Boom Perf.

I was checking out my followers’ Twitter profiles (If that makes sense..anyway) I came along Stepanie  and pne of her tweets was about one of Minji’s tees being sold at Asos.com. I tweeted her asking her which tee and she repied back with the link. So hats off to her : )



The Horace Playing Card Oversized Long Tee was $71.82 , but you can buy them for $42.75 here at Asos.

Credit! Dont forget it

Happy Shopping!


Credit: Stepanie