Seohyun & Sunny’s look from Bad Girl MV on sale at PLNDR

As you may have noticed, for SNSD‘s Bad Girl music video the girls wear styled in pieces from Joyrich‘s Spring and Fall 2011 collections. Fans of  Seohyun and Sunny’s look will be glad to hear that PLNDR currently carries the Cat Denim Pants the girls wore for 50% off, at just $44.99 in the Bundle up sale. Sunny wore her pants as shorts, this would be a great D.I.Y oppurtunity!

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Katy Perry v. Orange Caramel Dress off!

For the SBS 2010 Gayo Daejun show, Orange Caramel performed the ballad version of their hit A~ing in black Vultori-esque capes, but removed them for their Magic Girl look, revealing a familiar dress.

American artist Katy Perry wore it at the 2010 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show back in November. The dress was designed by Victoria secret’s head designers Todd Thomas and made by House of Harlot  just for her performance of Teenage Dream, Hot N Cold and California Gurls. It’s a custom one of a kind dress.

I am assuming Orange Caramel‘s stylist was inspired by the dress. They aren’t exact replicas, but come on… not cool. It was a show a show stopper and became infamous already . Tsk Tsk. I’ve been a fan of Katy for years now and she always seems to have something interesting to say, so I definitely would like to know what she thinks about this. Word will eventually get around.

What do you think?


Dara’s I Need a Girl Dance version MV look

Taeyang‘s title song I Need a Girl, from his solo album Solar was such a huge hit  that not only one but two music videos were released. The first video features a story line with Dara of 2NE1  as the main girl and fellow Big Bang member G Dragon. The second music video is a dance version with Dara performing the female choreography.

In the second video Dara pulls off a sexy look in pieces from Versus and Emilio Cavallini. I personally was wowed because that’s not a look everyone can pull off. Check it out!

Dara’s dress is a bit different, hers includes the Versus pins and excludes the lace. None the less both versions are killer. 

It’s great that these tights are affordable, but I know if I would ever buy them I would feel like a… lets just say…well actually let me not say. Keke Exactly why I give Dara props for pulling this number off.

What do you think of this number?


Behind the scenes video for 2NE1’s August spread in Vogue Girl

The girls of 2NE1 recently showed off their elegant side in their Pretty Young Thing spread in the August issue of Vogue Girl. Now we can see the behind the scene action thanks to Vogue girl’s video release today.


2NE1’s Pretty Young Thing spread in Vogue Girl

High quality pictures of 2NE1‘s Pretty Young Thing spread in the August 2010 issue of Vogue Girl was released courtesy of the magazine. In the spread the girls wear pieces from Jeremy Scott, Rick OwensAlexander McQueen, Alexander Wang, Cheap Monday, Jasmine di Milo and Burberry Prorsum. Check it out!

With 2NE1’s 2nd season of 2NE1 tv airing soon, their first album and this, the girls are on top of the Kpop world.


Sneek peek:2NE1 for the August issue of Vogue Girl

2NE1 unleashed their feminine side in the August issue of Vogue girl. CL, Bom, Dara and Minzy wear pieces from Jeremy Scott, Alexander Wang and Burberry Prorsum (to name a few).

The photo shoot and interview will consist of twelve pages and a video of the photo shoot will be released on July 23rd. For now check out the four released photos. 

I really love this new side of our fierce girls. I have  recently become a  fan of neutrals, so I think I’m going to really enjoy this spread. The fact that there is a mysterious hunk in the background might help as well.

Stay tuned to Kstyle for more information about 2NE1’s feature in the August issue of Vogue Girl.


Miss A wears AA for Bad Girl,Good Girl Music Video

Miss A released the music video for their debut song Bad girl, Good Girl. As you may know Miss A has two Chinese members and two Korean members and are set to do promotions in Korea and China. Tomorrow the girls will be making a debut stage performance on M! Countdown.

In the Bad girl, Good Girl music video, the girls are styled in American Apparel attire. Boy! I have to give the stylist props.  I usually dislike when the stars in styled in the same pattern, but in this music it worked. i couldn’t think of a better brand that is fit for dancing and fashion. Check out their looks:






I’ve always wanted to dye my hair pink, so I’m a fan of Jia!

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