F(x) Krystal goes Gaga for Mr.Boogie

On the 16th girl group F(x) performed their much-anticipated song Mr. Boogie with out member Amber. None the less the girls looked beautiful and showed a different style from their previous song Nu ABO.

Maknae Krystal wore a bold shade of lipstick that caught my eye. I believe it is the famous lipstick collaboration between MAC and Lady Gaga.

I hope Amber get’s well.



Wonder Girls World Tour in NYC Review+Outfit finds (complete)

On Sunday June 6, 2010 I attended the wonder Girls World Tour and boy was it crazy. I heard that the earliest some one got there was 9:00 AM 0.0!! My friends and I got there around 4:00PM and we were like 7 ft (8 ft the most) away from the stage. It was a pretty good spot.

Oh boy the standing area! Let’s put it like this New Yorkers alone are wild, but Fan Girl New Yorkers are ten times worse. At one point I would be 9 ft away from the stage then 5 ft , so much pushing and shoving. Though It wasn’t all bad, I saw the Wonder Girls and 2PM upclose, Woo Young kept coming to the area I was at and the Fan Guys were HILARIOUS. It was my first concert ever and this is definitely on my list of best experiences.

Also I have to give the Wonder girls a big hand for their super fast wardrobe changes. The girls performed diverse songs, so it was a must for them to constantly change their looks. There were some that I wasn’t a big fan of but overall I understand why they were chosen.

During performances I would randomly turn to my friend and shout out what they were wearing and she would reply with “Blog it!” so here’s the post in chronological order of appearance.

Now this picture doesn’t do justice on how pretty she is. Her name slipped my mind, but she is really talented. I felt really bad for how the crowd was disrespectful during her entire performance. They showed no sign of interest what so ever. It wasn’t too bad though because she had all the fanboys singing “La La La La LA LA!” along with her.

She wore a navy tank top over a laced under piece and sequin pencil skirt from Silence and Noise. I actually own the same skirt and it is my love.

I bought it on sale for $20.00 a while back at Urban Outfitters. I’m gulity for buying it in a bigger size…couldn’t help myself because of the price. I doubt it’s still around, but who knows you might dig it up.

Jin Young Park wore his usual attire: short sleeve button down with denim. OH! You know all those comments about JYP being ‘ugly’  ? IGNORE them, he is soo handsome.


The hunks of 2PM were decked out in the black attire they wore for their Without U promotions back in Korea. It was good thats they wore it because it went with their songs Without U, Heartbeat, Again and Again, I hate U and….10 out of 10 (not so much). Then again,for 10 out of 10 you can wear anything as long as you’re doofy about it. The guys also wore hats. Taec and Changsung wore black  and Junho’s wore a bold teal fit it from Supra in what seemed like 90 degree weather. Hmm I think the inverse of Junho’s  hat (Black with teal text) would of been more appropriate, but I’m not hating. Haha

You can purchase the cap at Karmaloop.com here for $40.00, but if you use promo code KSTYLE you can get the cap for $32.00.

 The girls wore this outfit for the brief performances, I Wanna,Goodbye,Don’t Cha (Pussy Cat Dolls cover),So Hot,Nobody Rainstone Remix
 and This Time. They added sunglasses for the cool effect for some performances. I liked this look for them it was bad ass, sexy and chic. Pictures and Videos will not do the girls justice on how fierce they looked.

For Lim‘s cover of Lip Gloss by Lil’ mama she wore the same outfit BUT it totally worked. In her petite voice  talked with the audience ,but it quickly changed into a fierce tone as soon as she started to perform. It also gave the otehr members time to change for their own performances.

Up next was Yoobin performing Black Eyed Peas‘s Boom Boom Pow. She wore the famous Jeremy Scott track one piece dress with coloful geometric tights.

So hee performed a cover of  Beyonce‘s Single Ladies. She wore a faux leather romper and chanelled her inner Beyonce.

(No picture)

Yenny wore an extremely short 1960’s looking dress (more like a top) that was to die for. So hee previously wore it on Come to play back in Korea.(below)

Afterwards Sun  performed an amazing cover of Lady Gaga‘s Paparazzi. She sounded awesome, the only thing that took her performance down a notch was her outfit. At first I was in shock , but afterwards I understood why it was chosen.

The rest of the girls appeared on stage in matching outfits and transitioned to Destiny’s Child‘s Survior.

They performed Salsa like dance moves in what looked like bar maiden like outfits. The song, dance moves and outfits didn’t go. Myleast favorite look of the night. Though as you can see above under those red skirts the girls wore beautiful white dresses.

The girls then tore off the skirts (thank goodness) revealing a pure look for their Saying I Love You and Stickwitu by PussyCat Dolls performance. It really transitioned to an awkward performance to the best performance of the night.  


While the girls transformed from their Saying I love you to their 2 Different Tears look the 2DT music video played. After the Music video finished the girls popped out and performed the song in their Music video outfits. The dresses are really unique and I’m glad I got to see the pieces up close. They also performed  One Night Only from the Dreamgirls OST in these outfits.

Finally for their closing performance of Nobody and Tell Me they wore the famous Nobody dresses. Gosh these are so gorgeous! The reflection of the Disco ball on their dresses gave the performance a cooler effect.

Overall, I would rate this concert 10점 만점에 10점 Haha. I recommend that you go see it in your home town.


(photo credit to Allkpop, Sorry the pictures that I had prepared were not up to par)

CL responds to controversial outfits

2NE1 leader CL  recently was recently in some hot water about her revealing outfits that she wore MONTHS AGO  is in fat G Dragon’s Shine A Light concert  and the 2009 Gayo Daejun performances. The baddest female, on an episode of KBS 2TV’s Entertainment Tonight, she explained her thoughts on the looks.

CL said : “The outfit was not that revealing. However, it was a bit unconventional and rebellious. I like clothes that are unconventional rather than those that expose a lot.”

Her outfit has even been part of a Gag Concert.

Everyone keeps talking about that particular look, but she only wore it for the rehersal performance. The other one she wore for the actual performance was less revealing and more chic in my opinion.


PS: That infamous bathing suit is from none other than Jeremy Scott. 😀