Personal Taste Episode 3: Gae In’s clothes cost a pretty penny

It’s summer time, now I get to relax and watch the dramas I missed due to my studies. I’m currently only on episode 3 of Personal Preference and it is really good.

In the episode  Sohn Ye-jin‘s character, Park Gae In is having some money issues. Hence the crewneck from PANCOAT?

In her rapid cleaning scene she wears a track pant from the Adidasx Jeremy Scott collaboration. These pants cost a lot ,I wouldn’t wear them to clean. Haha

I will be doing posting fashion finds from the drama. You can check out what she previously wore in Episode 1 here . As for episode 2,she wore a bow tie from Zipia, but it is no longer in stock.( So no need for a post)


Look forward to the posts! : D

Personal Taste Episode 1: Gae In’s hoodies

I am not a huge fan of Korean Dramas, but a piece of my heart now belongs to the drama Personal Preference/Taste . The drama features actress Sohn Ye-jin and actor Lee Min-ho. It’s about…well I think you need to watch it for yourself. Haha.

In the first episode Sohn Ye-jin‘s character, Park Gae In wears two oversized sweaters from the name brand PANCOAT. Check them out…


CL responds to controversial outfits

2NE1 leader CL  recently was recently in some hot water about her revealing outfits that she wore MONTHS AGO  is in fat G Dragon’s Shine A Light concert  and the 2009 Gayo Daejun performances. The baddest female, on an episode of KBS 2TV’s Entertainment Tonight, she explained her thoughts on the looks.

CL said : “The outfit was not that revealing. However, it was a bit unconventional and rebellious. I like clothes that are unconventional rather than those that expose a lot.”

Her outfit has even been part of a Gag Concert.

Everyone keeps talking about that particular look, but she only wore it for the rehersal performance. The other one she wore for the actual performance was less revealing and more chic in my opinion.


PS: That infamous bathing suit is from none other than Jeremy Scott. 😀