Get Secret’s comeback look

Rookie girl group Secret released teaser photos for their upcoming 2nd mini album Madonna promotions. The girls pull off a pure, but sexy look which is a 180 degree change from their Mazic Magic promotions.

The girls take white basics to a new level and  a lot of people have been praising this look. I really enjoyed their white jeans so I decided to pull some from that can help you get the look.

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What do you think about their transformation? I’m really digging it, especially Hyosung‘s new hair color! I want to dye it that color one day.

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SHINee wears Ha Sang Baek for Lucifer comeback

For SHINee‘s July 24th performance of Lucifer on Music Core the boys were styled in bold pieces from my favorite South Korean Spring/Summer 2010 collection by Ha Sang Baek. The color pallete of this collection is out there and I love it.

It looks like the stylist was inspired by the collections unique makeup as well. This explains Key‘s pink eyeshadow. If you’re wondering if that F(x)‘s Amber on the right hand side, you’re right! F(x) members Amber, Krystal and Sulli were models for this collection.

I’m really enjoying the song, how about you guys?