Miss A wears AA for Bad Girl,Good Girl Music Video

Miss A released the music video for their debut song Bad girl, Good Girl. As you may know Miss A has two Chinese members and two Korean members and are set to do promotions in Korea and China. Tomorrow the girls will be making a debut stage performance on M! Countdown.

In the Bad girl, Good Girl music video, the girls are styled in American Apparel attire. Boy! I have to give the stylist props.  I usually dislike when the stars in styled in the same pattern, but in this music it worked. i couldn’t think of a better brand that is fit for dancing and fashion. Check out their looks:






I’ve always wanted to dye my hair pink, so I’m a fan of Jia!

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2NE1 outfits tee @ Entertainment relay

 Recently, the 2NE1 girls were interviewd by Kim Tae Jin on Entertainment Relay.

I recieved a tip from Kstyler,Babes  who located Maknae Minji’s tee.


3The My Pet Monster Tee by Kokon To Zai is currently sold out on most of the sites I checked. If you know a link where you can purchase this tee please leave a comment.

As for Dara, She is wearing  a TopShop piece. Shocker,right? Anyway I’ve been waiting a while for the girls to wear some of Topshop’s latetest pieces so SCORE!!



The Eek Padded Tee can be purchased here for $36.00


CL’s tank is also from Top Shop. The ‘Be Afraid’ tee can be bought here for $32.oo



Credit Babes & KStyle

Happy Shopping

 Oh P.s I got a laptop!! So now I while be able to post more often

CL rocks AA Thong Tank & more

Now now! Boys calm down.

On 2NE1’s July 31st IDC performance CL was rocking American Apparel’s Cotton Zig zag Spandex Jersey Tank Thong.

The Tank thong retails at $26.00. Affordable, right? You can purchase it here

On August 7ths IDC performance CL wore American Apparel’s Cotton bulls eye Spandex Jersey Tank Thong.

You can purchase it here for $26.00 also.

Credit: Kstyler, Maria

I was searching around AmericanApparel.com and I came across the dress versions of these prints.


This is something Bom would wear, right?

You can purchase the Printed Cotton Spandex Jersey Double U-Neck Dress here for $38.00

Credit: Kstyle

Credit!, Dont forget it!

Happy Shopping!


2NE1 new pics: Bom’s tights


Quick post. I noticed that the tights Bom is wearing in the new release pics is from American Apparel.

tightIn the pic the look lavender-ish , but they are silver/metallic. (I guess it’s the lighting)

You can buy them here for $52.00.  0_o

Bom also wore American Apparel tights for their first batch of Promo Pics.



These Spandex jersey slit leggings can be bought here for $32.00

This pic was also released and people are already dying to know wear to get the girl’s shoes.


This week is going to be a 2NE1 fashion overload so get ready.

Happy Shopping!



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