Hyunah’s heels at World Cup project conference.

In the beginning of April there was a press conference held to introduce  SBS’s World Cup project ‘Waving Korean flag’. Many stars are to participate in this project like  MC Lee Hwijae, actors Kim Minjoon & Lee Youngeun, gagman Hwang Hyunhee, singer Jang Yoonjung and idol groups members Brown Eyed Girls Narsha, Super Junior Leeteuk, 2AM Jung Jinwoon and 4minute Hyunah.

At the conference they all wore ‘All the Reds’ tees along with casual pieces that represented their styles. Kstyler Rayflo sent in a tip about the  heels that Hyunah wore to the event. 


2NE1 share some denim tips for 2010 BPGGCP

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2NE1 recently had an interview with Money Today Star News about the 2010 Big Project Girl Group Crossdressing Photoshoot. The girls  shared that “Denim is an item that we enjoy regularly”. All four girls wore stylish denim that matched their individual personalities and they each also shared a few words about their idea on denim.

The stylist for the shoot was Lee Jinkyu.  Lee stated “I did the styling for an overall denim look and I mix and matched (today) to create a look suitable for a retro atmosphere and Western feeling.” “Because this is a tomboyish photoshoot, rather than curviness, the prepared clothing tends to be more straight-cut.”2NE1 shared a few words as well. 

CL shared

“Denim can have boot cuts or tight fits, and differ in terms of length as well. No matter what though, when choosing jeans, you should first find the right fit, it’s important to examine and match your body type. I wear a lot of Bean Pole Jeans. They fit nicely”.

Park Bom stated

“I like styles that accentuate my legs.”, “If you’re going for a more feminine look, styles that are a bit simple are good. I often wear jeans that cover my hips, they have a pretty line.”

Sandara Park shared

 “I match my jeans with pretty tank tops or belts. But I almost never wear accessories. I usually like wearing hats or shoes so I tend to always match them, but aren’t jeans pretty and give a very liberating feeling to them?”

Gong Minji said

“I wear a lot of Bean Pole Jeans. If my jeans are simple, I like to wear something with a really exuberant print on top of it.” “As an example, a good method to stand out would be using dark coloured high heels or lace or denim look.”

I’m proud of the girls marketing as well. ;P  Can’t wait to see the finished photos. Aren’t you?  Also  the items the girl wore for the shoot were released on a previous article, so I will be posting that soon.


Translattions by GEE @ ygladies.com Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20100404n01968

Wonder Girls 2009 Tree Lighting Ceremony[Allkpop+ Wonder Girl footage]

The photos of  the 2009 Wonder Girls Tree Lighting Ceremony have been released. Woot Woot!! 

Not only do I have a picture as evidence , but also a video. Allkpop posted a re-cap video of the event and I was in it. Yay!

You can see me at 2:40.I am the overly clothed , puffy one in the center (front row) doing the peace sign. This is going to be bad for my image. Hahaha. I look the least fashionable there. XD My fashion sense  had to die in order for me not to freeze standing on line in below 20 degree New York weather. 

I should of brought a Kstyle poster D:!!!

Happy Holidays + Hwaiting!


My Fair lady sponsored by Forever21

I read on Allkpop that according  to Joy News,  Forever 21 will sponsor My Fair Lady. 2Forever1 is  American brand founded by Do-Won Chang who is Korean-American  .

Plus now you can get the same outfits/items actress Yoon Eun Hye will be wearing for a cheap price. This is going to make my job a lot easier. 😀


Credit: Allkpop

2NE1 without makeup

A picture of fresh faced 2NE1 members has been released and it has caused up a huge stir. Netizens have been leaving shocked comments sating ” Is that really CL?” or “Wow, they aren’t pretty at all.” 

The girls are known for their drastic cat eye makeup , so I understand why people are in shock, but these comments? Unnecessary. Sandara doesn’t look too different,Park Bom doesn’t look too bad either, she just looks tired – She is wearing eyeliner though. Minzy just looks tired as well. As for CL I think her messy hair, makes her look less like herself.

Check it out for yourself:


Well, I think they are so brave. Also on YG’s behalf, allowing these pics to be revealed. They’re not horrible pics. I mean usually Entertainment companies are like super strict on the image their group is suppose to keep.This shows that they are not like any other Girl group.I believe 2NE1 is going to be the most successful this summer between all the girl groups.