BABY-G x HELLZ watches

Sometimes I feel like a walking billboard for Hellz, I can’t help but buy their gear and promote their stuff. Can you blame me? Their stuff is amazing and the brand keeps growing and growing. Hellz recently collaborated with Casio Baby-G and developed two new special edition watches: the  BG5600HZ-7 The Polka Dot and BG5600HZ-9 The Taxi “cab”. The Polka Dot watch stems from Miss Lawn’s love of the 1980’s while the Taxi pays respect to New York City, the birthplace of the brand. (Yay!) Check them out!

The two models will be available at select Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s and Macy’s in September, and retail for $89.00

I definitely want to get my hands on one of them. Which one? As of right now I am torn. Though before I buy them I still have to get my hands on the Hellz x Miss Wax Clashin’ earrings. If I’m  still am ballin’ at that time I will also get my hands on the Hellz x Miss Wax Brawlin’ ring.

So many awesome things so little money. Haha!

What do you think of the watches?


Behind the scenes video for 2NE1’s August spread in Vogue Girl

The girls of 2NE1 recently showed off their elegant side in their Pretty Young Thing spread in the August issue of Vogue Girl. Now we can see the behind the scene action thanks to Vogue girl’s video release today.


Sneek peek:2NE1 for the August issue of Vogue Girl

2NE1 unleashed their feminine side in the August issue of Vogue girl. CL, Bom, Dara and Minzy wear pieces from Jeremy Scott, Alexander Wang and Burberry Prorsum (to name a few).

The photo shoot and interview will consist of twelve pages and a video of the photo shoot will be released on July 23rd. For now check out the four released photos. 

I really love this new side of our fierce girls. I have  recently become a  fan of neutrals, so I think I’m going to really enjoy this spread. The fact that there is a mysterious hunk in the background might help as well.

Stay tuned to Kstyle for more information about 2NE1’s feature in the August issue of Vogue Girl.


Dong Hae’s Behind the scenes for High Cut Magazine


My third Package from

So today I received my third package from I can’t stress how amazing this site is! I bought two leggings from the Hellz Bellz Fall 2009 collection.

See what I mean? On what other site can you get fresh streetwear gear for just 63% off ( up to 80%) ? Also it’s really cool that they sell items that are hard to find because they initially came out seasons before.

To access these wonderful sales, read and click the second banner on the right hand on this site.


Minzy’s solo interview for 2010 BPGGC

2NE1‘s recently posed for 2010 Big Project Girl Group Crossdressing Photoshoot and shared a it of their view on denim. Now maknae Minzy’s full length interview has been released. 

– It seems like you wear denim a lot. What’s the brand you like?

Minzy: Yes I do wear it a lot. I don’t have a lot of confidence in my legs but I do wear shorts a lot and wear Bean Pole jeans.

– What’s your appearance when you go out?

Minzy: I usually go out with a fresh face (no make-up). I also wear beanies a lot (- Dont you still get recognized?) haha I don’t get recognized.

– Where do you usually go for shopping?

Minzy: Back then I usually went to Dongdaemun but nowadays i pick clothes in Apgujung. If there is a small vintage shop, I buy clothes from there and if there are pretty accessories I buy those too.

– Seeing as it’s all girls there must be selfishness within the group. Are there any fights over accessories?

Minzy: We know what each other likes. CL and Dara unnies likes the street look, with a unique point. I like it too, but I like more girly things too. A few days ago I saw a really pretty Alexander Wang one-piece dress. Nowadays one-piece dresses catches my eye.

– So that means we can see Gong Minji in a dress?
Minzy: Maybe. Don’t know about on stage yet haha

– You like to wear skirts/drseses? Is it because there is a guy you like?
Minzy: No way. It’s not like that. You know we have a 5 year ban on having boyfriends.

– What is the latest item you bought?
Minzy: It’s not a dress,but I bought a high waist skirt. It was feminine and had a volume feel. I think that’s why I’m ‘ero Minji’

– Nickname ‘Ero Minji’. Do you like it?
Minzy: It can be a bit dangerous but yes i like it. It has a mature and sexy feel. (- When do you feel sexy?) Minzy: When I have a shower hahaha

– Out of the male idols who else can have the ‘ero’ nickname?
Minzy: I’ve been watching different programs a lot because we have been on break but i think 2AM Jo Kwon has a feminine side I think he is the sexy-ist. hahaha

Minji Me2day fashion: WorkOut!!![Feb.27.10]


Today maknae Minji of 2NE1 posted a picture on Me2day of her exercising in some very pricey clothes. The caption that went along with this pic was…

우리 함께운동을ㅋㅋ

Exercising togetherㅋㅋ

Haha, it’s awesome that the girls always dress fresh no matter what the occassion, don’t you think?