Dara rocks Alexander Wang for To Anyone

With 2NE1‘s comeback just days away, tons of teaser photos and audio are being released to build up the suspense. As you guys already know I am a HUGE no wait, HHHHUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGEEE 2NE1 fan, so stay tuned a bunch of fashion finds.

In the above picture the girls strut side by side rocking the best of the best gear. Dara is shown wearing a vest from the Alexander Wang Spring 2010 collection. Check it out!

It definitely fits their new image! Does it look familiar? Dara wore the same piece in ivory for Taeyang‘s I need a Girl music video.


Sneek peek:2NE1 for the August issue of Vogue Girl

2NE1 unleashed their feminine side in the August issue of Vogue girl. CL, Bom, Dara and Minzy wear pieces from Jeremy Scott, Alexander Wang and Burberry Prorsum (to name a few).

The photo shoot and interview will consist of twelve pages and a video of the photo shoot will be released on July 23rd. For now check out the four released photos. 

I really love this new side of our fierce girls. I have  recently become a  fan of neutrals, so I think I’m going to really enjoy this spread. The fact that there is a mysterious hunk in the background might help as well.

Stay tuned to Kstyle for more information about 2NE1’s feature in the August issue of Vogue Girl.


Park Bom Me2day fashion: Bom flaunts in McQueen again

2NE1 main vocal Park Bom updated her Me2day with a photo revealing the progress with her diet again. In the photo she flaunts her slimmer figure in an Alexander Mc Queen tank.  Check it out:

The girls of 2NE1 have been wearing tons of McQueen lately, hmm. Do you see those 12 inch claw heels in their future? Gosh, I hope so. As long as it’s just for sitting down and singing an acapella song…we don’t want anyone to get hurt on stage.


Park Bom’s Into the fire VIP premiere Outfit

On June 9th the YG family and many other stars attended the Into the Fire V.I.P premiere to show some support for the cast. YG’s T.O.P is staring in the film. Of course all the stars who attended dressed in looked effortlessly chic.

Though, Park Bom of 2NE1 caught my eye. She was styled in Alexander McQueen and Alexander Wang pieces.  

Love this look!  I think she should of worn a piece of jewlery. Something not too flashy, since it was more of a casual event. Perhaps a cuff. What do you think  about this look?


2NE1’s looks in Try to Follow Music Video + Review

In the music video Try to Follow me by 2NE1, the girls under went tons of outfit changes. I broke down each scene and explained what they wore. Check it out:

Charlie and the Chocolate factory anyone? CL is styled in a modern menswear look.

  1. Synthetic Hair hat possibly from Jean Charles de Castelbajac
  2.  Black  Tuk platform Creepers

  1. Military Jacket is a D.I.Y
  2. Top from Jeremy Scott
  3. Sunglasses from Linda Farrow

In this scene the girls go for a more  punk look. They rock leather,chains, and crazy prints.

  1.  Park Bom is wearing a blue leopard trench from Super Dynamite London, under she’s wearing  a Hellz Bellz tee and White Tuk Platform Creepers.
  2. Sandara Park is wearing blue plaid pants from Hell Cat Punks and White Tuk Platform Creepers.
  3. Minzy is wearing a lime trimmed zebra print jacket from Hell Cat Punks and Black  Tuk platform Creepers.
  4. CL is wearing a leopard blazer and skinny pant combo  from Super Dynamite London, Jeremy Scott  Harnest, GIZA pyramid connector ring and Black  Tuk platform Creepers.

Bom shows off her how diverse her style can be in this number.

  1. Black Female name sweater  dress from Emma Cook x Topshop
  2. Unicorn 2 necklace from GIZA
  3. Black ring from GIZA
  4. Silver ring from GIZA

Dara rocks a rocker look with a touch of vintage pinup. One of my favorit looks in the music video.

  1. Yellow animal print jacket from Hell Cat Punks
  2. Orange oversized tee from Vivinne Westwood
  3. Lilac stone ring from Phenomenon

  1. Golden print tee from Kokon to Zai (?)

  1. Black Cut-out tights from Mark Fast

  1. Printed dress from Kokon To Zai
  2. Sneaker like heels also from Kokon To Zai
  3. Heart cuffs from GIZA
  4. Chocker from Mario Schwab 

  1. Dara is wearing the Darth vader New Era fit it along with black Pierre Hardy sneakers
  2. CL and Minzy are wearing Adidas Drawing sneakers

  1. Military hooded vest from Jeremy Scott
  2. Logo tee from GIZA
  3. The name of these heels are on the tip of my tongue.
  4. Black ring from GIZA
  5. Silver ring from GIZA

  1. Red and Purple outerwear is custom made
  2. Their cut out under pieces and heels look so familar. If anyone knows send in a tip via email.

  1. CL is wearing Double C logo earrings from Chanel and synthetic hair shawl from Jean Charles de Castelbajac
  2. They are all wearing jewlery from GIZA as well.
  3. Bom is wearing (maybe) shawl from Jean Charles de Castelbajac as well .

  1. Dara is wearing sunglasses from Alexander Wang and oversized tee from Gerlan Jeans
  2. Minzy is wearing Star track pants from Jeremy Scott and R2-D2  New Era fit it.
  3. Bom is wearing a tee from Phenomenon.
  4. CL is wearing frams from Linda Farrow and Tiger sweats from Jeremy Scott.

PHEW!!! So many pieces. Sorry that I took so long to do this post. I was trying to look for pictures of the items, but I know I wouldn’t have  been able to post them all and make it look presentable. So I just wrote descriptions. I hope you guys like it because  this is how I will be posting Music Video looks from now on, so it could be posted faster.

Stay tuned to  because I will be doing a bunch of music video looks on some old and new Mvs.


Thank you everyone who sent in a tip and redandrosy@ WP for the HD screep caps

Bom Me2day fashion:Wang is the bom(b)[May.3.10]


Today Me2Day Queen Dara uploaded a picture of herself and the rest of 2NE1 promoting Bean pole Via webcam?  In the photo the girls are casul,but still fabulous. Song bird Park Bom  is wearing Alexander Wang, while  Hip Hop prodigy, CL is wearing Galliano.

When Wang’s Spring/Summer 2010 collection first came out, I hoped that girls would wear some pieces for their new album promotions. They soooo need to do a  vintage kick ass look.

R&B super star /Fashionist Rihanna has been seen rocking the cropped sleeveless version of this piece.

What look do you guys want to see the 2NE1 girls pull off?


R.I.P Alexander McQueen

Today it was reported that fashion designer Lee Alexander McQueen has commited suicide. Today was the first day of Fashion week and he was scheduled to show at 3 pm to 5 pm , but of course it has been cancelled. 

He will be missed.