Minzy rocks Hellz for Fall 11st CF

2NE1 has released their Fall cf for online shopping mall 11st. For the commercial film the girls wore red head to toe while promoting 11st deals in their sporty themed shoot.

For Maknae Minzy‘s look she wore the Peek a Boo sweater from Hellz Bellz’s Spring 2008 collection.

I love the piece, it can be worn as a top, tunic or as a dress. It’s definitely on my to buy list. Minzy paired her dress with leopard leggings and red Adidas lace ups. I personally dislike repeating a color in a look more than once, so I’m definitely not a fan of this solid red look for the girls.

The girls can wear anything and still look good, but this is a little too much for me. If each member took off two red items each and switched their sneakers it would have been much better.

Anywho, the top was available on PLNDR.com for about 50% off a while back, so if you want to get your hands on it stay tuned to the site.


CL’s Summer 11st outfit

2NE1‘s CL gives of a sexy vibe with her look in the recent 11st cf. She was styled in  bold one piece from H&M, thats showed off her goodies a bit. No worries, she wore a bra (sorry fellas). Check it out:

I’m glad the girls are rocking H&M along with many other stars. H&M is one of my favorite brands, it makes up atleast 50% of my warbrobe (Hellz Bellz and Urban Outfitters making up most of the rest of the percent) I practically lived in H&M my first years in HighSchool.

Check out Dara’s outfit for the CF here and don’t forget to enter  Kstyle’s contest!


Dara’s Summer 11st outfit

2NE1‘s Dara gives of a fresh vibe with her look in the recent 11st cf. She was styled in  bold pieces from Gerlan Jeans, GIZA  and RVCA. Her D.I.Yed headband brings the oufit together to give it the 2NE1-esque style that her stylist, Seung Ho and Daniel never forget.  Check it out.


2NE1’s Summer Cf for 11st + Drama?

2NE1,who is going to be making a comeback this summer, released a new CF for their 11st Shopping mall Summer endorsement.

I enjoyed the styling of the Cf.  It’s summer, and it’s all about having fun! So the bold colors and prints worked.  Though CL has been receiving a lot of negative feedback for her swimsuit+bra combo, but who cares. She looks feirce and nothing is showing, so it should be no problem.

 Dara has also been receiving comments, though it’s about her small waist. Usually this is a positive topic that makes top news and makes netizens jealous as well, but this time it’s a different story. Netizens have been concerned about Dara’s weight. Especially after seeing CL’s Me2day update picture of her and Dara during filming.

The black on the sides of her white vest blends with the sofa giving the illusion that her waist is half of what it actually is.Honestly, she’s always been that skinny we just never notice it because she is always styled in extremly huge mens tees. I think it’s just in her genes…have you seen her brother Thunder  from MBLAQ?

What do you think?


Park Bom & Sandara Park are All Stars for Lotte Giants

The Unnies of 2NE1 ,Park Bom and Sandara Park made the opening pitch for the Lotte Giants. The Maknaes CL and Minzy were there cheering on their members. The girls were dressed head to toe in Giants unifor  curtosy off 11st ( I’m assuming, since they branded their logo all over the uniforms.) To complete their All star look the girls wore some All Star Chuck Taylors.

The Park Sisters did well considering their are singers and not athletes. Check it out below:


2NE1 rocking Forever 21 + Hellz Bellz for 11st ads

More to come. 😀

2NE1’s 11st outfits up for auction

Today I went on to 11st.kr.co just to check it out, then I noticed an auction for 2NE1 ‘s 11st outfits. Now, I can’t read Korean so I was like “waah?” , but  now I have all the information.

2NE1 is auctioning off the outfits they wore in their recent 11st cf.  So now four lucky people can get their hands on either CL‘s hip-hop look , Bom‘s  look, Dara‘s eccentric look or Minzy‘s tomboy look. So far the best selling outfit is Sandara’s.

The 2NE1 clothes charity auction began on February 11th. It has only been 8 days and  the  total bid price is over 10 million KRW. WOW!!!! The bid started at 1000 KRW.

So everyone place your bets, place them high, win and send it me! Hahaha I kid. But do bet, the money is for charity. 😀

Now, I usually refrain from stating my opinion, but I was had to comment on the  the significant amount of ignorant remarks people were saying about the auction. I mean you netizens have to complain about everything? Even a charity? Pfft. These Netizens were saying that 2NE1 is not raising as much money as other Korean celebs like SNSD. Fools, they are a rookie group of 4, how can you compare them to a 9 member group that debuted years ago.  Of course they would make more money. -____- Ergh.  They were also saying that the outfits are not worth it. Shutup, seriously. These clothes were hand made and are one of a kind. Go out and try to find this in your local store.  

Before you Soshi fans ambush me, I’m not hating on SNSD.


Screen cap : OH! Dara