Wonder Girls’ Yoobin “Like This” look on sale at PLNDR

Look at what I just stumbled across at PLNDR! The adorable cut-out crop top Wonder Girls’ Yoobin wore for their teaser photos!

It is on sale at 50% off for just $19.99!  In order to access this sale and more you have to become a member here. In addition to the sale, you can  save 10% of each item  from your PLNDR order with repcode: Kstyle.

Not to mention, if you are a first time shopper on PLNDR you will receive $10.00 store credit after your first purchase. Happy Shopping!


Happy 3rd birthday Kstylish!

Can’t believe it has been three years! WOW!!! Many thanks to my readers for being amazing! I appreciate every single email, comment and recommendation (so don’t be shy and keep them coming!) You guys keep me going and I look forward to blogging for many more years to come.

A contest in celebration of Kstylish’s birthday is in the works so stay tuned!


f(x)’s Krystal wears Kreepsville 666 for Electric Shock + Review

Who else totally digged Krystal‘s look in f(x)‘s lastest music video, Electric Shock? I know I did! Especially her arrangment of hair accessories from ” the original scare wear” brand Kreepsville 666.

In the video she is seen wearing the brand’s Red Eyeball Hair slide ($14.50), Black Eyeball Hair slide ($14.50), Purple Eyeball Hair slide ($14.50), Glow in the Dark Mini Bow Hair slides ($12.00) and the White Skeleton bone hands ($14.00)

I loved it so much that I got my hands on a few of those adorable accessories that she wore. Check it out!

Can we first take a moment to appreciate the packaging? Too cute~! Anywho, I ended up getting the Skeleton hand clips in both Glow in the Dark and White, The Red Eyeball Hair Tie as well as the Black Eyeball Hair slide.

If you are bold, I recommend going for Krystal’s daring look and combining them all~ If you are a little more on the shy side (like me), you can totally just rock a pair! Happy Shopping!


Wonder Girls’s Ye Eun wears Joyrich for Beautiful Concert

On June 12th, the Wonder Girls were spotted recording for an upcoming episode of MBC Beautiful Concert. In unofficial videos and photos the girls are seen dressed in their usual bold “Like This” stage outfits.

Member Ye Eun, wore my favorite look, pairing a colorblock skirt with the Favorite Things Tee from Joyrich. Karmaloop currently carries the male cut of the tee for $48.00. So both the ladies and fellas who dig her unisex tee, be sure to pick it up!

As always repcode Kstyle can save you up to 20% off your Karmaloop purchase.  Not to mention, Karmaloop is offering FREE shipping and a $20 giftcode for all orders over $75 with promo code Movin.

Happy Shopping! Hwaiting!

Kstylish/shop update*

Hi all~ Hope you are enjoying the new posts( finally, right?) Keke.  Now that school is over, I will have  more time to tend to the site, so look forward to the updates along with Kstylish’s 3rd Anniversary on the 30th (Contest in the works)

Speaking of things to look forward to, Kstylish’s online shop! I just added a new item to the shop, the Clouded Leopard Box Tee from Joyrich, so be sure to check it out! Remember we saw f(x)‘s Luna wear the crop top for MTV’s The Show?

Planning on adding more items soon to the shop.  Thanks for all the support and comments during my mini hiatus. Best wishes!


Wonder Girl’s Yoobin wears Joyrich for Like This

On June 16th, the Wonder Girls performed their latest hit, Like this, on KBS‘s Love request. For the performance, the ladies dressed in bold, bright pieces that fit perfectly with their dance song.

Member Yoobin, wore the popular  Joyrich x Giza Multi Geometric Dress, which has been seen on stars like f(x)‘s Victoria and Jewelry‘s Baby J. Luckily for fans, the dress is on sale at Karmaloop for 50% off,  for a special price of $70.95. Total steal!

For more savings, be sure to use repcode Kstyle for up to 20% off your entire order! Not to mention, Karmaloop is offering FREE shipping and a $20 giftcode for all orders over $75 with promo code Movin.

Happy Shopping! Hwaiting!

SHINee’s Key wears Joyrich for meeting with Donika Sterling

On June 20th, SHINee met with a very special fan, Donika Sterling  at an arranged event for her at the S.M.Entertainment building. There they were able to meet, share and sing for the American teenager.

At the event, member, Key, wore the LA Cross Bone Tee from the Summer 2012 Joyrich collection. The tee is currently available at Karmaloop for just $35.00!As always, repcode Kstyle can save up to an additional 20% off your order.

Happy Shopping! Hwating!