Le Bunny Bleu Cami Water-Resistant Wool Boot

Winter is approaching, so you know what that means-time to start stocking up on some season essentials! If you’re like me and are in need some cute and efficient footwear, you need to check out Le Bunny Bleu!

The women’s flat shoes brand, recently launched a special line of water-resistant wool boots that come in a variety of colors, patterns and sizes. Thanks to Le Bunny Bleu, I was able to get my very own pair of Gray Cami Water-Resistant Wool Boots ($95.00)


Aren’t they just adorable? When I saw them I just couldn’t wait to try them on! I paired them up with my favorite Hellz leggings.

Everything from the packaging to the boot  lives up to the brand’s romantic vintage title,but most importantly these boots are ready for the worst of the worst weather.

The water-resistant leather boots will withstand snowfall while the stable outsole will keep on your feet. But best of all? The comfy wool will keep you cozy all winter long. It is safe to say that these are the coziest boots I have owned in years!

If I could choose only ONE shoe brand to wear for the rest of my life, it would definitely be Le Bunny Bleu. Without a doubt! Check out the brand’s selection of flat footwear here.



20 Responses to Le Bunny Bleu Cami Water-Resistant Wool Boot

  1. Wow, they look just like uggs… but are water resistant… their cheaper than uggs to lol

  2. lucy says:

    were you one of the lucky 50 buyers on black friday? hehe

  3. looks very comfty! and water resistant!

  4. Those tights are really cute! where did you get them?

  5. Nancy says:

    I wondering if you have a full body shot with the boot. I am considering purchasing a pair. Thanks.

  6. Do you think they are better quality than the Ugg boots?

  7. Song says:

    I love your leggins ❤

  8. kpopfashionista says:

    Those leggings r too cute! I luv those boots too. I started with the Uggs a long time ago and then once I found Emu, they are the same and cheaper I got those, but these are just as good and even cheaper. I have been wanting a grey pair forever too, so know I can actually afford to get these. Thanks for finding them!

  9. Wow, i never even noticed those awesome leggings! Where did you buy them?

  10. Wickeddreamer says:

    Thank you for showing this ❤
    Their stuff is so cute…you just made another Le Bunny Bleu fan

  11. Camille says:

    I usually don’t really like this kind of boots because I find them too ….big but these ones are awesome !!! This brand looks great !! I could totally picture my feet in these comfortable warm boots ^^

  12. Heids says:

    I’m not a huge fan of boots, but I am IN LOVE with their vintage oxford flats. I wasn’t one of the 50 buyers on Black Friday… I wish… but those tights are freaking legit! 😀

  13. mandyduong says:

    because of this site, i want a pair now 😛

  14. randomshizzzbroskis says:

    Im thinking of buying a pair of these instead of uggs…but im still undecided..

  15. Laura says:

    Not sure how I feel about these.. I hate Uggs & that’s what these look like! They look super cozy though…. and with the leggings? Not bad!

    I really love those leggings. Awesome colour & design.

  16. Zee says:

    That wool lining makes those look so cozy! I love your leggings, too. Great colors.

  17. babychristopolis says:

    woah cute
    i like the bunny bleu logo on the sides

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