SMTOWN Live NYC ’11 recap *update*

Last night, I was one of the 15,000 lucky fans that attended the October 23rd, 2011 SMTown Live NYC Concert at Madison Square Garden. As you may have heard, getting tickets for the event was difficult since they went on sale during school hours on a Friday. I had to spend over two hours on the phone during two classes before I finally got section 108 tickets.  (The section I wanted)  I went by myself because my friend could only find tickets for section 300. It wasn’t too bad.

Since I had seats, I got to the arena a little before 6:30 PM to make it in time for the show which was starting at 7:00pm. My seat was a perfect, of course I could have been closer, but I was satisfied. The people around me…that’s another story. The girl in front of me blocked my view the entire time stood and waving a fan and nightstick. I didn’t want to be rude, but at one point I asked her to stop moving her fan. She stood up even while texting…ugh. But that’s New York for you.*Sigh*

Anywho! In the morning, I had read the Daily News and saw that SMtown artists as well as other Kpop Stars were featured in the paper, pretty cool!  I had been anticipating the concert for the longest time and so I’m glad it has received so much attention. I attend college right by Madison Square Garden and go to Timesquare almost everyday, so all the ads and videos were such a tease.

 To be honest, I wasn’t too focused on fancams or pics because I wanted to enjoy myself. Though, here is my recap and best shots of the night. (I guess I need a better camera)

f(x) was the first to perform with their song, La Cha Ta. This is one of my favorite songs of theirs, but to be it wasn’t exciting. Though I have to say the girls are absolutely GORGEOUS in person. Seriously. Afterwards, f(x)  introduced themselves in english-very cute.

Krytal then covered Ke$ha‘s Tic Toc with her sister Jessica from SNSD, another okay performance. After, Amber had the crowd going crazy and lead into Chuu. It was very fun to watch especially Victoria’s  signature cart-wheel.

Kangta was up next with a performance of Pine Tree and Polaris. He then introduced himself in both Korean and English, it was very sweet. The translator was hard to hear and her translations were unclear. After, he performed a duet with f(x)‘s Sulli, who was introduced as “Sulli from Girls’ Generation.”

SHINee’s Onew made a quick appearance as a Pizza boy delivering Sulli’s mic, where he “fell” in the middle of the stage. The stadium was filled with laughter.

Up next was SHINee! They performed Replay, Get Down and Juliette. I have to applaud them because they were one fo the few artists that actually sang live. Not to mention their stage presence was very strong. Jonghyn did get strapped up and fly around the stage, I found it kind of unnecessary.
Then to my surprise, Super Junior‘s K.R.Y performed  Sorry Sorry Answer. One of the main reasons I purchased a ticket for SMTown was to see Super Junior live…particulary Yesung. So this performance was a win for me.
Although the guys looked tired, they looked handsome and their performance was amazing! I loved their suits too,very fitting.
After Krystal and Key performed My First Kiss by 3OH!3 and Kesha, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun and SNSD‘s Seohyun performed Way back into love. This had to be one of my favorite performances of the night. Their voices were amazing and Seohyun looked absolutely gorgeous.

As if the smile on my face couldn’t get any bigger, Key, Minho, Shindong and Eunhyuk were in the crowd making their way to the stage while performing AYO.

Girls’ Generation made the crowd roar and go WILD (especially the guys) with a performance of Run Devil Run.  Seriously it was crazy. After greeting the crowd and discussing their US debut plans they performed a remix of Kissing You and Oh!  By the way, the girls are as pretty in person as they are on TV. (This was the best photo I had of the girls…the girl of front of me was a HUGE SNSD fan.)

Then, the moment I had been waiting for-Super Junior came on stage. The whole time I had been conscious and made sure not to block the view of the people behind me, but once they came out…I shot up out of my seat at the sound of BONAMANA.

After the intense performance, Super Junior plus Henry and Zhou Mi introduced themselves in English. It was too cute. Everyone tried their best, but I couldn’t help laugh. The guys then performed two of my favorite ‘old school’ Suju songs Miracle and a remix Dancing Out .

BoA  made her way on the stage and performed  Look Who’s Talking and I Did It For Love alongside Key. Her stage presence was so fierce, not to mention she was witty, sweet and so pretty. I never realized how similar Luna and her look.

Up next was SNSD with a special remix of Genie (Tell Me Your Wish) it was kind of awkward, but the girls looked gorgeous. Right after there were performances of Super Junior’s Sorry, Sorry, SHINee’s Ring Ding Dong and  f(x)’s Nu ABO.

Super Junior then made their way back on stage and performed Mr. Simple. The crowd went crazy! After a brief moment the guys began to perform Don’t Don with a special performance from Henry and Zhou mi. Now, Don’t Don is not only my favorite Super Junior but song album. So you guys know I was all over that. Haha!

Afterwards Kangta  performed Breaka Shaka. I honestly don’t even remember that , maybe because I was still hyped from the guys. Then there were performances of  f(x)’s Hot Summer, Girls’ Generation’s Hoot, SHINee’s Ready or Not and A.Mi.Go.

After a costume change, SNSD  debuted with their first US performances of  The Boys. The girls were fierce and this was my favorite SNSD performance of the night. Love, loved, loved Tiffany’s dress.

Oddly, Onew was next with a performance of  The Name I Loved, it was definitely a weird transition. At least he wasn’t air lifted. Anywho, Taemin, Eunhyuk, Hyoyeon, Luna Yuri, Yoona, Sooyoung, Shindong, Minho, Donghae and Victoria performed their special dance routine. It was definitely hot and fun to watch! BoA followed that with performed Eat You Up, Copy & Paste and Energetic.

TVXQ finally came out and everyone in the audience jumped out of their seats all at the same time.  They performed Medley (The Way U Are/Mirotic), MaximumBefore U Go, Why? (Keep Your Head Down). They too were airlifted a few times.

After there were performances of  f(x)’s Pinocchio (Danger), SHINee’s Lucifer and SNSD’s Gee. For a majority of  SHINee’s performances they used the air lift and had the guys fly over the crowd. At first I was like “Alright, okay.” but it got weird after a while. They would sing a high notes, fly, get down, dance, fly and sing high notes, get down and finish dancing.  Though for Lucifer it got weirder, they wore glove claw things that were similar to Wolverines from XMen while they were flying. Turns out they are laser lights. You’ll have to see a fancam of this.

After that craziness, Super Junior  performed  U and I couldn’t help but feel nostalgic. Sine it was the first Super Junior song I ever heard and I’ve always wanted to see them perform it live I had this giant grin on my face. It was a shame that a majority of the members weren’t there, but it was still my favorite performance of the night. 

As the guys prepared to throw their American flag printed scarves into the audience, I crossed my fingers hoping Yesung or any of the members would magically be able to through it my way, but of course that didn’t happen. Oh well. After TVXQ  performed Rising Sun and BoA  performed Hurricane Venus. I don’t remember those performances either. Haha.

At the end, SM Town came out in their pink T-shirts and performed H.O.T’s  Hope. It was really nice, confetti fell onto the crowd, I collected some in my pocket, waited a bit and made a quick exit to avoid the chaos and rush.

Overall, I was glad I attended. It was a shame that a majority of the artist lip synced and I wish I was closer. Which reminds me, I had the chance to move to the first row of my section , but I wimped out. First row! Aigooo.

Anyone who attended the event don’t be shy to leave a recap about your experience!



17 Responses to SMTOWN Live NYC ’11 recap *update*

  1. lucy says:

    omg jeals! altho tbh, i was completely wide eyed this morning when i read about “nyc’s kpop takeover” on various sites and blogs. ridiculous haha

  2. mano says:

    You are very lucky I want to go too TT_____TT

  3. Lucky! I probably would have gone by myself too. I don’t understand why people can be so rude sometimes either? We went to ‘The Roots’ concert the other night and then these teenagers sat behind us and had snuck in booze and cigars and they were blowing the smoke right into my 3 year old daughters face and then a security guy only took their alcohol away from them and let them stay. Things like that can make a great time aggravating, but I tried not to let it bother us. I’m really excited to see how much k-pop is getting more popular in the states and I hope it continues so next year we can take our daughter to the next SMTOWN Concert!

  4. Double A says:

    That’s so cool, glad you had fun !!! Wish I could have been there ^^ Hoping for a return to LA, It’s way closer to where I live…

  5. Callmecherri says:

    I went toooooo!! I was in section 3! Right in front of the stage ^.^ i shook minho’s hand after his performance in the air when he went through the back :’) he walked right passed me and flew over my head like twice, and so did changmin when he was getting ready to go up for his performance :’)
    I had so many diff experiances, like yoona waved at me and minho smiled at me and screaming and my shinee lightstick while onstage, etc lol
    BEST DAY EVER!! i want them to come back 😦

  6. SO JELLY! Btw. What is f(x) wearing @.@ It looks weird…

  7. Great photos of SMTOWN Live! ❤ i wish i could be there ….

  8. I liked the “my first kiss” performance XD

  9. Wickeddreamer says:

    It sounds amazing (I’m withering from jealousy)
    I totally understand on wimping out on a first row spot it feels so unreal (in the ultra amazing way)

  10. mandyduong says:

    you so lucky >_<

  11. Wickeddreamer says:

    Sounds like an AMAZING experience!
    I love Yesung’s voice, too.

  12. Zee says:

    I was there too! Oh my god, it was so amazing. My favorite performance was probably K.R.Y. doing Sorry Sorry Answer.

  13. Laura says:

    It would’ve been great to be there! Someday..

  14. Annie Jane Lee says:

    I tried hard with my friends to buy tickets online from Toronto but did not get anything. Everything was pretty much sold out within few mins and it wouldn’t be worth it to go to NYC for a far away seat

  15. babychristopolis says:

    I WENT TOOO!!!!! maybe i saw you (hmmmm) my friend bought the tix, god bless her heart
    it was amazing, i was too pumped up to take pics but she did
    thanks for the pics

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