Shanghai Romance

Am I the only one who has this on repeat? Hope not!



11 Responses to Shanghai Romance

  1. Suika says:

    I listen to it at this moment!
    Really Love this Song ❤ Very Catchy! ❤

  2. I’m in love with them ! They are so cute !

  3. Emma says:

    I just love their facial expressions in this clip!

    And yes, I have this on repeat as well. ;D

  4. Love it! It looks so much better than I imagined… Nanaaaaaaa! ❤

  5. Soo Jin Kim says:

    haha so cutee. I wonder why/how they decided to wear those sparkly headpieces.

  6. it’s on repeat every morning 🙂

    Great Blog I am happy to find it 🙂

  7. I like the song, but what are those plastic wig thingyss???

  8. mandyduong says:

    i don’t know if i like this song ..

  9. Zee says:

    Orange Caramel’s songs are always so catchy! Love them ❤ I also really like those plaid minidresses they wear.

  10. babychristopolis says:

    i love this song! esp cause im from shanghai..?
    i liked their sparkly silver dresses

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