D.I.Y: f(x) Krystal’s High Kick 3 manicure

Is it just me or does black nail polish have a bad reputation? I always hear people say that black polish is reserved for Halloween or gothic and rebel images. I personally love black polish because it is so simple and chic.

f(x)‘s Krystal‘s character Ahn Soo Jung in High Kick 3, wears the shade on a daily basis and it inspired me to go and apply my Wet N Wild’s Fast Dry  Ebony Hates Chris.

The polishes have a 60 second dry formula and special application brush, that gives you a bold, clean manicure in a few minutes. This look takes no more than 3 minutes to complete! You’ll definitely find the time to do it!

Look for these colors as well as the  rest of the collection at American chains like Riteaid, Duane Reade, CVS, Walgreens and Kmart. Wet N Wild’s Fast Dry polishes retail for $1.99 and  Wet N Wild’s Wild Shine  for just .99 cents.



15 Responses to D.I.Y: f(x) Krystal’s High Kick 3 manicure

  1. Etrnlsuns says:

    lol yay for me being on my gmail 24/7 xD
    i bought a few of these! but they chipped and fell off fairly quickly 😦
    but ah! this reminds me, i still needa buy a new bottle of black nail polish ^^

    • Kstyle says:

      Really? I’m shocked because it doesn’t for me and I’m the type of person who can’t keep a manicure on for a day.

      • Etrnlsuns says:

        OMG i was thinking of N.Y.C nail polish xD ahah sorry!! the nyc one i got was like less than a dollar so that’s probably why ahah
        the wet n wild one’s probably much better

  2. Real simple manicutre ❤

  3. Emma says:

    Even though it’s simple, I really like it!

  4. Soo Jin Kim says:

    i need to get fast-dry nail polish ._. i always end up smudging mine. urgk

  5. i wanna try the fast-dry nail polish

  6. quick and easy style ❤

  7. Wickeddreamer says:

    YAY a manicure i can actually do since I only have black nail polish ^_^

  8. Heids says:

    hmm…. Black nail polish, oh how I love you! Let me count the ways… I love how it oozes this feeling of bad ass while still looking freaking chic. It goes with anything. Black Nail Polish 4evar

  9. mandyduong says:

    ooh i likey

  10. Laura says:

    Oooohh I love the fast-dry polish ^0^
    Always comes in handy

  11. Zee says:

    I don’t usually wear all black polish, but I do think it can be very classy. Definitely not just for rebels!

  12. babychristopolis says:

    i love this manicure!
    i usually dont do black. but its nice on her

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