f(x)’s Krystal wears Keds for High Kick 3 ep 9

In episode 9 of High Kick 3, Soo Jung, played by f(x)‘s Krystal debuted her school uniform as well as her cute pair of burgundy Champion Seasonal Solid Sneaker from Keds.

Luckily for fans, Karmaloop currently has the pair available for $40.00! For up to 20% off your purchase, use rep code Kstyle. Happy Shopping



13 Responses to f(x)’s Krystal wears Keds for High Kick 3 ep 9

  1. Mariel W. says:

    Those are some sweet shoes and their not even that expensive ❤ yay! now i can buy them too

  2. I never thought Keds would be considered fashion. They are cute and remind me of the original style of Vans sneakers.

  3. killerjax says:

    Classic ❤ in colors is nice

  4. mandyduong says:

    keds are super comfy!

  5. lucy says:

    that color is way cute.
    ps i love seeing idol girls in flats b/c it reminds of how they don’t actually have ridiculously long legs all the time 😛

  6. those look so casual on her ^^ love it

  7. Etrnlsuns says:

    oh woah, i actually really like this color xD it’s grownin on me,,,

  8. i like keds, havnt brought one in a while

  9. Hmm, plaid and zebra? interesting…but cute-ishh :/

  10. mandyduong says:

    keds are comfy 🙂

  11. Wickeddreamer says:

    I love the color, and i need to get a skirt like her’s >.<

  12. Laura says:

    Ooohhh LOVE the shoes and the backpack!!

  13. babychristopolis says:

    so basically this is what i wear to school everyday.. lol (i have a uniform dress code)

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