Good Wood x Archie Comics

Last month, Good Wood NYC released their line of exclusive Archies Comics products. The collection consists of neckties, necklaces, pins, and of course bracelets! Each piece in the Archie’s Comics line features dynamic artwork, popping colors, and unique style.

I got my hands on the 4 Piece Betty and Veronica Pin Set, it consist of  four different designs which exemplify the girls’ attitude; Betty’s face, Veronica’s face, the girls and Archie in a heart, and Archies x Good Wood logo. I think this is my favorite Good Wood piece I own…seriously! It retails for just $16.00.

I am waaaaaay to young to have grown up on the comic books, but I did watch the cartoon religiously, so this collaboration collection was a win for me. Though, you don’t have to be a fan to own and enjoy the craft of the accessories.

Check out the other pin sets featuring Archie and Jughead as well as the rest of the collection! I also got the  Letterman “R”  from the 4 Piece Archie Pin Set. Cute!

Happy Shopping! + Hwaiting!



12 Responses to Good Wood x Archie Comics

  1. amazing, for technology were were able to use a wood laser to carve out images and the good wood looks just like it. i really like them, their unique ❤ great pins.

  2. I believe i saw someone in my uni class sporting Good Wood today! hehe

  3. mandyduong says:

    so cutee, I wanna get some !

  4. killerjax says:

    It looks cool and vintage ❤

  5. michelle. says:

    great idea! and it matches with the denim jacket – cute!

  6. mai says:

    love your good wood posts 🙂 they look good placed on the lapel

  7. These are so cute! What a great way to bring back some old school funnies! That what we used to call comics when I was little…they do look great on your jacket too.

  8. their not really my taste, but i love goodwood!

  9. mandyduong says:

    haha archieee comics, old school

  10. Wickeddreamer says:

    OMG! I used to watch the cartoon when I was little, too!

  11. babychristopolis says:

    so unique, the cartoon is such a lovely reminiscent memory

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