f(x) Krystal’s Pinocchio look on sale at PLNDR

From today, September 29th, 2011 to Saturday October 1, 2011 PLNDR will be having a Vintage inspired sale with pieces up to 88% off! One piece f(x) fans will be glad to know is on sale is the Jeweled Valerie Jumper, it was worn by member Krystal  for them group’s Pinocchio music video.

The jumper originally retailed for $90.00, but it is on sale for 56% off at just $39.99. I just purchased this jumper along with the Ambush Floral Madison jumper Hyuna wore and got 10% off each item with rep code Kstyle.

In order to access this sale and more you have to become a member here. As always, rep code: Kstyle, will save you 10% off each item and if you are a first time shopper on PLNDR you will receive $10.00 store credit after your first purchase. Happy Shopping!



19 Responses to f(x) Krystal’s Pinocchio look on sale at PLNDR

  1. Wow. what a great deal!

  2. lucy says:

    wait, the other jumper was only $20?? i hope they still have it in my size!

  3. Sammy Sam says:

    WOAH! Super steaaaaal, you should post your package whe you get it!

  4. wow…. i love how not all the styles and outfits that kpop stars wear are too expensive ❤

  5. Either Krystal is super tall or they shortened her jumper ! (´^ω^) so cute though

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  7. mandyduong says:

    pattern is pretty niceee

  8. killerjax says:

    I wish I had long legs like Krystal hehe. However, it looks cute

  9. i love the jumper ❤

  10. the jumper is cute, dont like the green thing O_o

  11. Heids says:

    woaaah. She has long legs. But I really love the jumper. It could easily look like some plastic table cover though. :/

  12. mandyduong says:

    i like the green vest actually

  13. Wickeddreamer says:

    I love her outfit. Looks very original!

  14. Laura says:

    Both of the dresses are so nice, and I love Krystal’s shoes!

  15. Zee says:

    I like that jumper paired with that vest. And her shoes are absolutely fabulous.

  16. babychristopolis says:

    i love this romper! and her shoessss are to die for

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