D.I.Y: Luna’s Pinocchio manicure

When it comes to nail polish, I am always game for some pink shades.  I spotted a really fun shade on Luna in f(x)‘s Pinocchio music video and it immediately reminded me of Wet N Wild’s Fast Dry How I met your Magenta. Anyone looking for a hot  pink with a soft silver shimmer, this is the polish for you!

The polishes have a 60 second dry formula and special application brush, that gives you a bold, clean manicure in a few minutes. This look takes no more than 3 minutes to complete! You’ll definitely find the time to do it!

Look for these colors as well as the  rest of the collection at American chains like Riteaid, Duane Reade, CVS, Walgreens and Kmart. Wet N Wild’s Fast Dry polishes retail for $1.99 and  Wet N Wild’s Wild Shine  for just .99 cents. Hope you enjoyed the tutorial! Look forward to a lot more!



20 Responses to D.I.Y: Luna’s Pinocchio manicure

  1. kpopfashionista says:

    I always luv the nail tutorials. Right now I actually have a similar color on my toes with glitter over it and then on my fingers I have a light blue color (Sea Spray by China Glaze) with glitter only over the color on my ring fingers. I think that ‘s my favorite style right now is the extra something on your ring fingers.

  2. wow seriously 99 cents!? thats the cheapest polish other than essence. 🙂

    • kpopfashionista says:

      What 99 cents? I must have completely skimmed the price point. I have never seen them in any of my local drugstores or other stores like wal-mart or target that cheap….I’ll have to do some more investigating.

  3. i should totally paint my nails like this now ❤

  4. kpopfashionista says:

    Going to CVS today! Thanks everybody!

    Just one question….since we are transitioning to fall. We are going to a historic east coast city this weekend and its close to the beach and parks and the gorgeous downtown area. Ok. Its Charleston, SC. So, what colors do you recommend? Should I still keep it summery or go with some of the new fall colors?

    I’d love replies from of course are fav lady who makes this blog awesome 🙂 But, I’d love replies from all my other blog fans just like me for your opinions too. Its always fun when a lot of brilliant minds get together.

  5. Kai De says:

    The other day, I painted my nails a shade of blue. I normally don’t like to use polish other than clear, but I made an exception to this one because the color was named ‘Lapis of Love.’ Like Lapis Lazuli… Hah. (゚ヮ゚☜)

  6. Kai De says:

    The other day, I painted my nails a shade of blue. You see, normally I don’t like to put polish on other than clear, but that day I decided to make an exception. Why? Because the color was named Lapis of Love. Like Lapis Lazuli. Hah! (゚ヮ゚☜)

  7. Kai De says:

    I don’t always paint my nails
    But when I do, I paint them ‘Lapis of Love.’
    (Like Lapis Lazuli hah) ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)

  8. lucy says:

    that color is so cute. i’m kind of a snob with nail polish though… does that polish streak a lot or chip easily?

    • Kstyle says:

      It doesn’t streak a lot or chip easily, but you do have to put on a few coats.
      Though it dries really fast, so it isn’t too much of an issue.

  9. Etrnlsuns says:

    omg.. i want all of Luna’s necklaces -_______- anyone know where to get them? lol
    ps yay for bright nail polish; i dnt care if winter’s coming :p

  10. kpopfashionista says:

    I usually get the super small bon-bon that is small enough to paint my 3 yr old little girls nails & they cost 99 cents and way smaller than the ones shown. Definitely going to get these cute pinks, purples and blues you’ve featured recently.

  11. I really love what Luna’s wearing ❤ The nail polish style is so easy and quick too ❤

  12. i like this pink. i never knew that nailpolish is so cheap at those stores! i gotta go check it out

  13. easy and cute! i dont really paint my nails that often though

  14. Heids says:

    eeeek.. too pink for me. It looks good on some people though. Is nail polish seriously that cheap now?

  15. mandyduong says:

    cute and simple

  16. Wickeddreamer says:

    Nice! Really simple for us un-nail art talented folks 🙂
    I love her makeup in the pic, too.

  17. babychristopolis says:

    i love this color!

  18. Laura says:

    I will definitely be picking up this hot pink shade ^o^

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