G.O wears Joyrich for I don’t know on Music Core

On the September 3, 2011 airing of Music Core, MBLAQ performed their extremely cute hit, I don’t know. For the song’s cute concept, the boys sported bold colors and patterns.

Member G.O wore a pair of adorable thin circle framed glasses along with the Leah Doll Parts Tee in Black from the Joyrich Fall 2011 collection. The Tee retails for $46.00 at Karmaloop.com, as always use repcode: Kstyle at the checkout for up to 20% off your purchase. Happy Shopping!



14 Responses to G.O wears Joyrich for I don’t know on Music Core

  1. kpopfashionista says:

    I would have to say his stylist did an awesome job, because I really think that shirt looks so much better on him or a guy that is fashionable to dress like that instead of a girl. I am in love with the black/white/pink shirt on the member with the pink pants. My absolute favorite is the black & white hoodie with the white triangle and stripe hood part (who makes that?) Then in a weird kinda way I’m growing on the kimono sleeve black shirt with different colored letters.

    You do such a good job picking out some of the coolest items.

  2. loving the shirt in this picture ❤ G.O hwaiting!

  3. that shirt definitely looks better on G.O. than the model, lol 😛

  4. Kai De says:

    I didn’t know MBLAQ was still together. In my humble opinion, 10 out of 10 is their best song. And your posts? Their 10 out of 10, yo.

  5. Kai De says:

    Just wanted to say: I didn’t know Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality was still together. Their favorite song of mine? 10 out of 10. What do i rate your site? 10 out of 10 yo.

  6. killerjax says:

    I like the print on the tee. And I love the whole look of Mir

  7. G.0 my fav ❤ he looks soo good in that shirt ❤ joyrich!

  8. they all look really good!

  9. mandyduong says:

    i like all joyrich tees

  10. Wickeddreamer says:

    I love the shirt…except I’d feel awkward walking around with legs on my shirt…I should be more brave :/

  11. Laura says:

    Vest….. intense …… 0_0

  12. babychristopolis says:

    he looks so manly with such a girly shirt
    wow, go G.O.

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