Jessica’s Glamour girl look on sale at PLNDR

From today, September 1st, 2011 to Sunday September 4th, 2011 PLNDR will be having their Cali Love sale with pieces  from brands like Hellz BellzJoyrich and Wildfox for up to 65% off! One piece SNSD fans will be glad to know is on sale is the Girl slasher tee, it was worn by SNSD Jessica for Glamour girl Japan earlier this year.

The tee originally retailed for $64.00, but it is on sale for 53% off at just $29.99. In order to access this sale and more you have to become a member here. As always, rep code: Kstyle, will save you 10% off each item and if you are a first time shopper on PLNDR you will receive $10.00 store credit after your first purchase. Happy Shopping!



10 Responses to Jessica’s Glamour girl look on sale at PLNDR

  1. Kai De says:

    Wow. $29.99 for that? I’m so in.

  2. Etrnlsuns says:

    hey~~ i was wondering if you could do korean hair tutorials” well idk if that’s relevant…..but maybe you can include/use korean hair products and stuff? just a suggestion ^^
    I love Jessica’s hairstyle ♡

  3. hehe i think i’ll leave ice princess to wear that shirt instead of me

  4. I love her hair in this! ❤ the shirt looks good on her too ❤

  5. is the shirt cut in half? how to wear that !

  6. Omg, thats REALLY cute.

  7. mandyduong says:

    hmmm too much of a crop?

  8. Zee says:

    I think maybe it’s cropped a little too short for me… It’s cute on Jessica, though!

  9. babychristopolis says:

    soo cute on jess!
    rockin it with some high-waisted skirt?

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