All eyes are on Minzy’s new hat

On August 25th, 2NE1‘s Minzy tweeted a photo of her self wearing the Keep Watch New Era Cap from Mishka as a teaser for their upcoming Nolza concert. Many fans have tried to find the connection of the hat and concert as well expressed their interest for the funky hat.

The colorway Minzy is wearing is unfortunately out of stock. But, don’t worry! Karmaloop has the black colorway in stock for just  $35.00. As always, for up to 20% off your order use rep code, Kstyle at the checkout. Happy Shopping!



13 Responses to All eyes are on Minzy’s new hat

  1. Thanks to this blog, I’m addicted to Mishka~! I need this hat and their watch. :3

  2. killerjax says:

    That’s really eye-catching hehe
    Minzy is a hat addicted =P

  3. Etrnlsuns says:

    haha i wish it were normal for girls to wear these flat-billed hats in cali ;;;; Minzy looks sooo dope, always ! ♡

  4. I searched the brand of this snapback like forever, thank you for the post !

  5. i love whatever 2NE1 is wearing. Minzy looks so b2st in that picture ❤ i love her style and how outgoing she is ❤ hwaiting!

  6. mandyduong says:

    maknae! hehe 2ne1 hwaiting!

  7. sweet hat! ❤ it looks really good with minzy hair style ❤

  8. ooo. minzy always wears cools stuff

  9. MISHKA!! i love minzyy!

  10. Heids says:

    I. Love. Mishka. Thanks to 2ne1!! But I saw a couple of shirts on sale during Plndr’s huge sales, and I wanted to buy them, but they were all in men’s sizes… :/

  11. mandyduong says:

    maknae minji!

  12. Zee says:

    Such a cool hat! I love Minzy’s style.

  13. babychristopolis says:

    minzy loves her hats and i do too

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