D.I.Y: Hyuna’s Just Follow manicure

Who else couldn’t get enough of Hyuna‘s Just Follow performances? The rhymes, choreography, concept, Zico,  everything was so interesting! Including her sparkly manicure. In just four really simple steps you achieve this look, let’s get started!

For almost identical results to Hyuna’s manicure, you’ll need Wet N Wild’s Fast Dry Buffy the Violet Slayer and Wet N Wild’s Wild Shine Kaleidoscope. You will also need a  topcoat, I used Wet N Wild’s Fast Dry Top coat.

Step 1: Apply 2-3 coats of Wet N Wild’s Wild Shine Kaleidoscope onto your index finger

Step 2: Apply 2 coats of onto the rest of Wet N Wild’s Fast Dry Buffy the Violet Slayer your fingers

Step 3: Apply one coat of Wet N Wild’s Wild Shine Kaleidoscope over Wet N Wild’s Fast Dry Buffy the Violet Slayer

Step 4: Apply one coat of Wet N Wild’s Fast Dry Top coat onto your nails

Step 5: Repeat steps for other hand (Switch it up. Instead of you index finger try your ring finger like Hyuna)

That’s it! (I wouldn’t be surprised if Hyuna used Wet N Wild’s Fast Dry Buffy the Violet Slayer, that’s how similar the color is.) Your end result should look like:

Look for these colors as well as the  rest of the collection at American chains like Riteaid, Duane Reade, CVS, Walgreens and Kmart. Wet N Wild’s Fast Dry polishes retail for $1.99 and  Wet N Wild’s Wild Shine  for just .99 cents. Hope you enjoyed the tutorial! Look forward to a lot more!



14 Responses to D.I.Y: Hyuna’s Just Follow manicure

  1. mai says:

    these manicure posts are awesome!

  2. Thatsha says:

    I will try this manicure. Thank you for the post!

  3. killerjax says:

    I did this a past weekend, after I saw this post
    It went great, thank you

  4. sparkle sparkle! that glitter has very nice shapes like big and small versus the giant square glitter polishes i have 😛

  5. Her nails are so sparkily! ❤ i hope is spelled that right…anyway i love her nails !!!!! thanks for the d.i.y ❤

  6. wow so easy, i wanna try this when i get those colors

  7. i LOVE HER NAILS! ❤ it matches Hyuna's shirt ❤

  8. Omg!! these are really pretty colors~~

  9. Kimi Clay says:

    Im doing this look now 😀

  10. Wickeddreamer says:

    The blue with the sparkles…SO PRETTY

  11. mandyduong says:

    always thought hyunA was really old… loll oops

  12. babychristopolis says:

    nice nails… imma try it 🙂

  13. Laura says:

    I love glitter nail polish, it’s the best, so fun & adorable. And paired with the purple? WIN WIN WIN :3

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