Leeteuk wears Cheap Monday for Mr. Simple

First off, please tell me I am not the only one who is super glad that Super Junior is not following their concept photos for Mr. Simple? I know Siwon performing in just neon green boxers  and socks wouldn’t be a problem for us fans, but Yesung in a fur neck…thing(?) and pink animal print one piece would.  Phew, close one.

To my surprise, the men have been extremely well dressed for the live performances, Leader, Leeteuk has made the biggest improvement. If you have been digging his look, you too can incorporate it in your daily looks. For almost of his performances, he has worn the popular Cheap Monday Nail Necklace, fellow label mates Onew and Minho from SHINee have also worn this piece for their promotions.

The piece originally, $45.00, is currently available for just $8.99. Yes, just $8.99 (no typo!) through PLNDR‘s Accessories sale. In order to access this sale and more you have to become a member here. As always, rep code Kstyle, will save you 10% off each item and if you are a first time shopper on PLNDR you will receive $10.00 store credit after your first purchase. Happy Shopping!



11 Responses to Leeteuk wears Cheap Monday for Mr. Simple

  1. killerjax says:

    Which performance was this? o.O
    It was for superman?

  2. Love the necklace! Leeteukie! ❤ hwaiting in cheap monday!

  3. took me a long time to notice that they were like fake nails @_@ haha. i just bought the necklace because of leeteuk

  4. I like the combination of the neon green shirt and the necklace ❤

  5. i gotta check these sales out!

  6. Wickeddreamer says:

    Leeteuk’s jacket is very interesting too
    I think my eyes would have fallen out if any of them, other than Siwon, performed in the clothes from their concept pics

  7. mandyduong says:

    i heart cheap monday

  8. Zee says:

    That’s such a cool looking necklace. I’m glad they toned it down for the performances too 🙂

  9. babychristopolis says:

    not a fan of the necklace.. but leeteuk rocks it

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