SNSD loves Cheap Monday’s Nomi Tank

We have seen Cheap Monday‘s Nomi tank rocked to no end over the past year by the fashion forward ladies of SNSD. Members Yoona, Jessica and Yuri all wore the tank for their promotions in ads, tv programs and events.

I’ve been eyeing the tank for a while, but now it’s finally on sale! The tank originally retailed for $30.00, but Karmaloop currently carries the Nomi Tank in White for 34% off at just $19.99. If you want additional savings on this piece use repcode, Kstyle at the checkout for up to 20% off. Happy Shopping!


9 Responses to SNSD loves Cheap Monday’s Nomi Tank

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  2. cheap monday ! They must all share the same shirt lol ❤

  3. I really like its simple and its looks really comfortable ❤ snsd hwaiting!

  4. yeah, thats really cute even though its simple!!

  5. Wickeddreamer says:

    I’m eying Jessica’s shoes

  6. mandyduong says:

    neomu johayo

  7. Heids says:

    dang! so elegant and classy!

  8. Heids says:

    I love how it looks with the blazer. 🙂

  9. babychristopolis says:

    they do love that tank

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