PLNDR’s Hellz sale [6/09/11~6/13/11]

From June 9, 2011 to June 13, 2011 PLNDR will be having their monthly Hellz sale with items up to 76% off.  I am so excited because they have pieces from the Spring 2011 collection ( yup, the one that launched a few weeks back) for ALREADY 56% off! I’m so hyped! The pieces are so hard to find, so to find them on sale is amazing!  Shop now before it’s all gone. I just picked up…

I got the Runaway dress, it originally retailed for $82.00, but PLNDR has it for 76% off at just $19.99. I also got my hands on the Tux Dress in Black from the recent Spring 2011 collection. It retailed for $72.00, but PLNDR had it for 49% off at just $36.99. It doesn’t stop there.

You’re probably wondering why the items appear cheaper in the image above, right? Well I used my repcode, Kstyle and got 10% off each item. So in the end I saved  $102.72! Woot-Woot! To access this sale and more you have to become a member here. Oh how could I forget, if you are a first time shopping on PLNDR you will receive $10.00 store credit after your first purchase.

This is all legit, there is no catch, just a whole lot of saving! Happy Shopping!



6 Responses to PLNDR’s Hellz sale [6/09/11~6/13/11]

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  2. I love Hellz Bellz i wish they would do more sales like this! ❤

  3. mandyduong says:

    ahah what the above said 😛

  4. Wickeddreamer says:

    The blue dress is absolutely gorgeous >.<

  5. babychristopolis says:

    i adore the blue dress

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