Krystal wears Joyrich + more for Danger Music Bank comeback

I know f(x) wearing Joyrich is no surprise anymore, but I just can’t help writing about one of the top girl groups (not to mention my fashion inspiration) wearing the hottest collection of the season. Unless you guys don’t mind, here is the first and last f(x) wears Joyrich post of the week.

On the April 22nd 2011 airing of Music Bank, f(x) made their long-awaited comeback with their performances of their title track Danger as well as Gangsta boy. For their Danger performance, Krystal wore adorable Ambush Floral Studded Waist Pack in Black from the Joyrich Spring/ Summer 2011 collection over the Cheap Monday Narrow Jean in Silver and Gold.

The fanny pack originally retailed at a pricey $100.00, but it is currently on sale at for $66.95. The Jean too is on sale! It originally retailed at $65.00, but currently has it for $43.00.  

As always rep code Kstyle saves you up to 20% off your purchase! Plus free shipping with orders $75 or more with code 75ship too! Let me know what you guys think!

Happy Shopping + Hwaiting!


15 Responses to Krystal wears Joyrich + more for Danger Music Bank comeback

  1. Ann says:

    Hi kstyle,
    i tried purchasing something and when i added the rep code, the site only gave me 1% off instead of 20%? What is the cause of that? Please let me know as I look forward to purchasing things from Karmaloop! Thanks~

    • Kstyle says:

      Hi Ann,
      Are you combining the rep code with a promo code? Sometimes you can only use one code. Try just using the rep code for the 20% off. That should work. If not write me up so we can figure this out.

      Thanks for contacting me.
      (BTW is this your first time shopping from Karmaloop?)

      • Ann says:

        Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. Yeah it’s my first time and I tried just adding the rep code and it’s only ten percent? I live in Canada if this is a factor. Thanks.

      • Kstyle says:

        No problem.
        That’s great, we partcially solved the problem. It should be 20% off since it’s your first time. Now, it could be the item you are purchasing is limited edtion and doesn’t give the full 20% and just 10%. It’s common.

        I don’t think your location is a factor. Your location is only a factor when it comes to shipping codes. None the less I hope you decide to get the items. Let me know how it goes, Hwaiting!

  2. Allyse says:

    I love both of these items! I just received the Tight Jean in Camo on PLNDR that you posted about awhile ago, which I can’t find on here now. o: I bought a size 26 and they fit well but they haven’t been washed yet or anything so they may shrink a bit. I noticed their jeans have sort of a stretchy material to them. Do you know if these jeans are the same way? I wish they had a 26 in stock but the closest they have is 25 and 28. I might be able to squeeze into a size 25 and purchase them if I hand wash them!! (:

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  4. Teffy says:

    does anyone knows about her top? 🙂

  5. Can’t style a fanny pack lol! i love the top its so funky and pretty! washing those sexy car windows.. (simon and martina) you just gotta love them ❤

  6. wow, those jeans are to die for..

  7. Heids says:

    aklsjer;lekaj;kl fanny packs. gaaaaah. I can’t say I like the neon leopard print. However, I do love those jeans.

  8. Wickeddreamer says:

    I didn’t know fanny packs could be so fasionable!

  9. mandyduong says:


  10. Zee says:

    Those jeans are really cool and interesting, I love them.

  11. babychristopolis says:

    i love the pastel colors and fabrics
    krystal’s blue sweater thing amuses me so much

  12. Jay says:

    Krystal and her fanny packs 🙂 she always wears fanny packs haha 😀

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