Neivz 20% discount code, KS20 extended until Summer

LA based jewelery brand Neviz has kindly extended the 20% discount code, KS20 for all Kstylers until August! Isn’t that awesome!? But that’s not all, enter code NFS at the checkout too and you will receive free shipping!

Spring is off to a great start with all these deals, Start shopping now!



9 Responses to Neivz 209 discount code, KS20 extended until Summer

  1. AllyNoona says:

    Do you think that give a really special deal for those of us that are military families that are about to get screwed by not getting full benefits? I have been wanting to get a few things from them, thanx for always finding the coolest stuff.

    • Kstyle says:

      Oh I’m sorry. D:
      Neivz can only provide 20% off and free shipping.

      • AllyNoona says:

        Yeah! The govt shutdown didn’t go through! But, it will happen again unfortunately. So, now I can get some new spring and summer things! Sorry for putting politcal sadness on your site, we should all just be celebrating the fun things you find for us K-pop addicts. Its amazing to go into a store and meet some random person behind the jewelry counter (shopping for hello kitty) who dosen’t even look like they would be into K-pop and then they ask about your style and music…come to find out this cute african american chic is in love with k-pop and she goes to SCAD and is in fashion design and designing kids clothes in a k-pop style and wants to use my daughter as one of her models since we are korean american family, my litle girl looks like 50/50 brown hair and korean eyeshape but they are blue. Sorry to ramble, but to the point do you know of any kids stores that carry clothes that resemble k-pop style for toddlers. She already has her own since of style and she’s got it down and I ususally make her jewelry.

      • Kstyle says:

        I think you can pretty much take cothes from anystore/place and turn it into that style. The way you pair the clothing helps alot too!

  2. I love the ring that she’s wearing ❤

  3. Wickeddreamer says:

    Random: I love the model’s hair
    The ring’s really pretty.

  4. mandyduong says:

    cute ringggg

  5. babychristopolis says:


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