Thank you and you

Today my good friend surprised me with the BIGBANG SHOW Graphic Short Sleeve T Shirt B in white from the Big Bang x Uniqlo collaboration collection. She knows me too well!

The collection launched February 4th  in Harauku, Japan and made Uniqlo sale history with a sellout in 15 minutes. With such a great response, Uniqlo decided to make the collection available world-wide. On March 1st, the capsule collection featuring 8 T-Shirts and 4 hoodies, made its way to my hometown of New York City. 

The entire collection is pretty basic and are just designed to commemorate BIGBANG’s upcoming 2011 Japan tour. Out of the 8 tees, this would have been my pick. It is the only one that features their Japanese stage names that I will never refer to them by .  

The tees are listed under men, but of course they are Unisex. In the New York locations as well as some others sizes XS and S are extremely limited. Hence the M, though it fits just as well. I haven’t visited UNIQLO yet, but I plan to soon.



9 Responses to Thank you and you

  1. 梅小蛮 says:

    OMG i love your jacket. and the t shirt of course.

  2. betts says:

    omg gorgeous jacket, show a more detailed picture of it! i love the tee as well, would’v chosen that one too if i were to buy one 🙂

  3. killerjax says:

    Big Bang tshirts are really cool

  4. Big Bang Shirts! they were all sold out lol ❤ so many big bang fans out there <3!

  5. I LOVE BIGBANG!! i want!!

  6. Heids says:

    This is why I hate living in the middle of no where. Oh time machine, where art thou??

  7. Wickeddreamer says:

    It was the one TOP was wearing in black, too!

  8. babychristopolis says:

    wow cool! i love uniqlo they just opened one by my house

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