G Dragon & T.O.P wear Neivz for 4th mini album teasers

With 5 days away from Big Bang‘s comeback, YG has been releasing photo and audio teasers for the group’s 4th mini album. In one batch of concept photos, member T.O.P is seen wearing the Silver & Black Glitter Gem Motif Bar Ring from Neivz.

The three finger bar ring has a plexiglas inlayed front on lastercut and laminated wood. It is definitely a unique piece and for just $35.00 at Neivz’s webshop it can be all yours. Neivz is giving all Kstylers a 20% off discount with code, KS20!

The ring was also seen on G Dragon in his February 18th 12 second teaser for their title track, Tonight. In that teaser he poses with the ring close to his mouth. 

♪ Big Bang is Back, most definitely incredible ♫. Are you guys excited?



8 Responses to G Dragon & T.O.P wear Neivz for 4th mini album teasers

  1. killerjax says:

    I love their soprty outfits . It seems so cool and comfy, especially the jacket GD is wearing

  2. Etrnlsuns says:

    that ring is dopeeeeeee as hell .___.

  3. That’s one expensive ring! Top and GD looks beast in that album teaser! Hwaiting!

  4. Omg its beast!! I love gds hat in the first pic!

  5. Heids says:

    siiighhh I remember freakin out about this, and fangirling to no end. Can’t wait till March… they look like pajamas to me., especially Taeyang’s outfit.

  6. Wickeddreamer says:

    I think Daesung’s outfit looks the best.

  7. Zee says:

    It’s such a cool ring! I love the style of having a picture of a diamond instead of an actual diamond.

  8. babychristopolis says:

    sick ring….

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