Korean Hair trends to look out for in 2011

A new year. A new decade. A new ‘do. A new you. It’s only been a month into the new year…or hours since today is the first day of the Lunar year, (Happy New Year!), but there has already been some trends being set. Here are my picks of Korean Hair trends to look out for in 2011.

Romantic Bang.

 The blunt bang is out and the romantic bang is in! Romantic bangs with a flair at the end. So far our favorite stars have been making their comebacks based off of retro concepts, so it’s no surprise to see the romantic look back in trend.

We’ve seen the look in SNSD‘s Gee (japanese version) & Hoot, Secret‘s Shy boy and Orange Caramel‘s Magic girl & Aing. Wanna get the look? Youtube makeup guru, CL2425 shows you how too!

Ombrè hair.

Ombre hair is a graduated dye job from dark to light (or vice versa). It tends to look like your roots grew in and you haven’t bothered to do a touch up in…a year. Though I think it is a totally cool and modern look.  

It was a hit mid-late 2010, but I think we will definitely be seeing it for a bit longer. f(x) sported the trend for their Nu Abo promotions and  recently SNSD‘s Taeyeon  & YG backup dancers, Crazy girls have been as well. I myself am currently rocking this look.

What do you think of these trends?



15 Responses to Korean Hair trends to look out for in 2011

  1. foxrain says:

    I love the Ombrè hair look! Loved it since I saw f(x) with it. However, I like the “from dark to light” version more than what most models have.

  2. My2Hearts8008 says:

    I actually just went back to dark and they left it a blondish golden brown on the ends, but it was just too drastic for me at first so I had her tone it down some so its not as noticeable as yours. I really like it but I know mine will fade more and it will get lighter on the ends and I guess because I went from having it the color of CL’s hair back to a dark brown with that blonde on the bottom it just kinda freaked me out at first, but now I kinda wish I had left it that way. I guess I can always go back. There just isn’t anyone around here with our kinda hairstyles. But it looks so good on everybody in all the pics you put up and I did my bangs the new way too.

    Love the site and thank you for all the great updates, you rock!

    • Kstyle says:

      Aw, thanks!

      Mhmm, you can always go back.
      ” There just isn’t anyone around here with our kinda hairstyles.”
      I think that’s great to stand out.


      • Ally says:

        This is true, which I think our k-pop style is very noticeable, I am constantly getting stared at and I don’t really care b/c pretty soon they’ll all be copying us. My hair is fading and now its a reddish brown with a blondish color fading to the ends. When my roots get a little worse I’ll probably go dark brown to light blonde. Can’t wait!

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  4. Etrnlsuns says:

    i think the ombre is still in 😮 i guess it’s only been 6 months but ,,

  5. Wow…I couldn’t remember what name I used to use when I lost or forgot my user name and password when I had to make a new one. I’m glad I found it. (My2Hearts8008 & Ally) But I suppose I’ll just keep the one I have now.

    I’m kinda biased and still in love with ombre’. I just got my hair done 2 weeks ago after I found a new stylist in our new city. She dyed the majority two shades darker than my natual color so its a dark brown with a very light golden blonde and a few platinum pieces on the bottom. Luv it! It looks really cute when you pull it up in a cute crazy ‘CL’ updo with the blonde sticking out on top of your head.

  6. killerjax says:

    I have it like 6 years ago xD ..i just let my roots grew =P Black faded to pink

  7. would CLs hair in cant nobody be considered “ombre”?

    • kpopfashionista says:

      You mean the part where she has two levels of red? Yes, that is still ombre. Right now the biggest ombre trend is different colors on the ends. Almost like rainbow pastels, but a lot of people are going with blue and pink.

  8. Wickeddreamer says:

    My bangs naturally curl into the romantic bang. I’d much rather have ombre hair, but I don’t like dying my hair.

  9. babychristopolis says:

    i love krystal’s hair!

  10. Zee says:

    I love the romantic bang! That whimsical curl in Sunny’s bangs is so cute.

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