Dara wears Tsumori Chisato and more for Etude’s Miss Tangerine!

For a while now 2NE1‘s Sandara Park and cosmetic brand Etude House, have been teasing fans with promotional pictures of an upcoming line that Dara will be modeling for. I don’t know too much about it, but a CF is in the making!

For Etude, Dara was styled in the Gerlan Jeans Fall/Winter 2010 collection No monster left behind tee in pink and a soft pink and white drawstring skirt. The look was completed with Tsumori Chisato Lace Up Fringe wedges in color combo, multi/cream.

So far this is my favorite head to toe  look (minus the bunny ears) from 2NE1’s new stylist. I haven’t really liked their styling so far, but this is a big win for me. It’s fun and cute, but the wedges bring that 2NE1 spunk (that I’ve missed). What do you think?



13 Responses to Dara wears Tsumori Chisato and more for Etude’s Miss Tangerine!

  1. Tiffany says:

    옷차림이 좋다. 그러나 토끼 눈물과 헤어스타일이 일치하지 않습니다..
    This type of 아줌마 hairstyle is unflattering on Sandara.

    • Kstyle says:

      Mhmm. I think the outfit would of been more complete with another hairstyle and without the ears.
      아줌마 did come to my mind too.

  2. Dedomhnaigh says:

    Those shoes look dangerous lol. I would fall in them within 10 seconds.

  3. mien lien says:

    good job dara….i really like your style….hmmm…we love u

  4. mandyduong says:

    i really like the top!

  5. Bunny dara! ❤ she looks really cute in the pictures!

  6. Etrnlsuns says:

    you can buy her shirt on gmarket international for 10 bucks USD xD if you search bboy, but it takes a while to look for it -.-

  7. killerjax says:

    Those shoes are awesome! and the skirt is so cute =)

  8. I love dara’s hair all curly like this! The shoes are really festive lol ❤ their so pretty!

  9. Woah…the shoes remind me of……ponies??

  10. Wickeddreamer says:

    I have wedges like those….they are not fun to wear for 4 hours….

  11. babychristopolis says:

    so pretty and i love her shoes! really high tho

  12. Zee says:

    Those shoes are really fun and cute! And I absolutely love the combo of the looser t-shirt and the tutu, it’s one of my favorite styles.

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