Happy Thanksgiving! + Early Black Friday sales

Thanksgiving is the day friends and family gather around the dinner table, share thanks (pass coupons+ flyers) and just have a great time.

Though some people see it as the meal to get you pumped for Black Friday! Black Friday is the day after Thanks giving in the United States that  begins the Holiday Shopping season. U.S. store open EXTREMELY early,some open at 2 a.m to get products for ridiculously cheap prices. It gets pretty crazy so I stay in doors and do some online shopping, which is great because  PLNDR is having their Thanksgiving Day sale on today! I am really excited because prices are lower than low!

So after I get my grub on, I’m going to start my Holiday shopping! **20% off all orders over $50.00 with code PLNDRBLNDR at the check out (it can be used multiple times)** Like always, Rep code Kstyle will save you an additional 10% off your entire PLNDR purchase if it’s less than $50.00. Flat-rate shipping is $4.95 and you will receive $15.00 store credit after your first purchase. To access this sale you have to become a member here!

The sale is World-wide and not limited to US residents! 

Have a fun + safe  and shopping filled Holiday!



4 Responses to Happy Thanksgiving! + Early Black Friday sales

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  4. babychristopolis says:

    i love thanksgiving
    uummm turkey 😀

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