2NE1’s Bom + Dara are well suited for Strong heart

Back in October, 2NE1‘s unnies, Park Bom and Sandara Park appeared on my favorite variety show, Strong Heart. For the program the girls discussed their never ageing beauty- err I mean age, company and of course a moment that made their heart strong. (LOVE THIS SHOW)

With new stylists, 2NE1 has been keeping their bizarre fashion a bit toned down and more feminine. Bom was styled in the  Mock neck striped cut out tunic in red /camel from the Alexander Wang  Spring 2010 collection. It is retailed for $550.00

If you haven’t seen the episode you should really watch it!



5 Responses to 2NE1’s Bom + Dara are well suited for Strong heart

  1. Wow, the cut is really interesting, and cool!

  2. Heids says:

    weeeee i like park bom’s hair.

  3. Wickeddreamer says:

    I remember this shirt!
    Well that Rhianna wore it….and maybe Bom?

  4. Zee says:

    At first glance I wasn’t really sure about the mock turtleneck, but looking at it more, I think I actually like it. It’s a cool top!

  5. babychristopolis says:

    when i watched this episode a while ago, i just LOVED bom’s sweater! and finally last yr, i got something similar but has a ombre-dyed pattern scheme..
    i remembered she also wore it in an episode 2NE1 tv

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