Jessica rocks Cheap Monday on Mezamashi TV

Recently Girls Generation made it on Japan’s FujiTV’s Mezamashi TV. For the program the girls rocked some street wear tops, but managed to keep their girly image. The girls wore pieces from Stussy and Cheap Monday, Jessica paired her Cheap Monday tank top with a solid black skirt and some kicks. Check it out!

The tank can be bought at here and remember Rep Code Kstyle can save you 20% off your purchase. Happy Shopping!



6 Responses to Jessica rocks Cheap Monday on Mezamashi TV

  1. Etrnlsuns says:

    whys a tank gotta be 30 bucks ;(
    but ino it was on sale before i think,,, lolol love the simplicity of it though

  2. Ahh Jessica is so pretty, I love her hair. Its gently curled…The cheap monday tank is really popular with SNSD lol

  3. The reasons are obvious why this tank is awesome.

  4. Wickeddreamer says:

    Omg…Taeyeon’s shirt’s design is gorgeous…i’m a big fan of Egyptian stuff (I would buy everything GIZA if I had the money)

  5. babychristopolis says:

    rockin that tank like yoona did with a blazer !

  6. Zee says:

    I really love Yoona’s look here too. I love high-waisted belted skirts. Very cute.

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