What I bought:Vans x Hellz Sophie

Early this year Vans and Hellz collaborated and created two limited edition shoes: The Hadley and The Sophie. It was love at first sight. ♥

The shoes were priced at a reasonable $85.00 (The Hadley) and $65.00 (The Sophie). Since I love sales, I waited to see if they would go down a bit. Unfortunately I lucked out and they were sold out…so I thought. I recently came upon a site that sold the Sophie for $49.99! I was so psyched and planned to purchase them the next day. I checked the site the following day and they were marked down to $39.99.  Check them out!

So shop around, you can wait too,but remember you are risking the chance.


5 Responses to What I bought:Vans x Hellz Sophie

  1. Those are sweet shoes… I was wondering who the designer was when you wore them in a later post ❤

  2. WOAH! those are…..B2ST!

  3. Wickeddreamer says:

    I remember these lovely shoes!
    I have Vans too, but they aren’t as cool as this >.<

  4. babychristopolis says:


  5. Zee says:

    Those shoes are so cool! I just love it when I find something for less money that I thought I had missed out on, it’s an awesome feeling 😀

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