2NE1’s playful pink look at PINK PLAY concert

On August 20th 2NE1 attended the Pink Play Concert for Etude House. The girls have been models for the brand since April and have promoted some chic products. At the concert the girls performed their hits Fire, Pretty Boy, Please don’t go,In the club and I don’t care.

The girls were styled (by their new stylists?)  in tons of pink in support of the event. They also were dressed heavily to disguise their new hair dos. Check out some of the pieces the girls wore. 


Posting idea from Mandy Kstyle’s 1st contest winner. Thanks again, hun.


8 Responses to 2NE1’s playful pink look at PINK PLAY concert

  1. mandyduong says:

    haah hiding their meoli

  2. we can’t see cl! lol

  3. Etrnlsuns says:

    ive noticed Dara’s hair has gotten a bit toned down now; or is it not? idk! but personally think it’s better than way xD hehe

  4. Wow, dara’s hair is really sticking up lol how do they even get her hair to stay up like that?

  5. I love CLs shoes!! But they all look cute!

  6. Wickeddreamer says:

    They REALLY hid CL’s hair. Bom’s shoes look really cool.

  7. Heids says:

    Holy crap, they hid her FACE. lol, sandara’s hair and pants.

  8. babychristopolis says:

    i love CL’s shoes, dara’s necklace and minzy’s tee! esp bom’s sweatshirt! i think they wore those in clap ur hands mv

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