2NE1 me2day fashion: LA Edition pt. 2 [June.26.10]

Another Me2day find of the 2NE1 girls in LA. Sandara Park posed for the camera infront of a garden. She gave a bad ass vibe with a darker palette than her usual looks. Check out what she wore…

Reeve sent in a tip about the belt and kicks,so thanks!



10 Responses to 2NE1 me2day fashion: LA Edition pt. 2 [June.26.10]

  1. aproperfool says:

    Very rocker/casual/cool outfit. Love it!

  2. kimora says:

    i love balmain’s dark wash denim she wore..

  3. mandyduong says:

    i like the jeans… and the belt :3

  4. Etrnlsuns says:

    wish i were as skinny as Dara haha XD
    i love the jeans and shoes!

  5. Those are really cute jeans! The pattern in them is really cool. to bad their probably really expensive… 😦 I love them ❤ Dara looks really pretty! Hwaiting!

  6. I like the top the runway model is wearing!

  7. Wickeddreamer says:

    I love the gold Balmain shirt the model is wearing!
    Loving Dara’s casual look though.

  8. Heids says:

    That is a really awesome outfit. I thought that Converse sneakers tend to be more expensive than just 30 dollars? hm… I need to get myself a pair…

  9. babychristopolis says:

    i love dara’s poses! and i really like that belt..

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