Yesung’s tee stirs up some controversy

Today, June 23rd Super Junior attended the SBS’s  World Cup Festival :A Shout of Victory. The boys each wore different fashions to support the Red Devils. Leader Leeteuk wore a polo ,while Euhnyuk wore a cape (yes) and Yesung wore a tee from Puma. No biggie right?  Yesung’s shirt featured a print of the Korean flag tied around his neck, the problem was that the flag had torn edges.

I’m pretty sure Yesung didn’t mean to offend anyone or misrepresent  his country. I think Puma as well, had no intention of disrespacting South Korea. It is a design that had an interesting concept and that’s probably why it was chosen. As SME explains below, it was cropped to fit around the neck, maybe giving it a rounded off/smooth edge would have been a better idea considering how blown out of proportion this situation has become.

 SMEntertainment released a statement about  the conflict:

“We approved of the outfit Yesung wore. It was a simple t-shirt with the Korean flag cropped to fit around his neck and was done to show support for the World Cup and nothing else.”

In a time of joy and cheer, why must someone try to bring down the good energy.


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4 Responses to Yesung’s tee stirs up some controversy

  1. Etrnlsuns says:

    wow i wouldve never that that was an issue
    in fact, i thought it was people being offended by Yesung being way over nationalistic (which i dont agree with xD yay for s.korea!)

  2. Wickeddreamer says:

    Eunhyuk in a cape ❤
    Some times controvesies…..really shouldn't be controvesies like in this case.

  3. Heids says:

    really? This should have never been an issue. It’s a shirt for crying out loud. He’s not a freaking terrorist.

  4. babychristopolis says:

    i agree^^

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