2NE1’s Summer Cf for 11st + Drama?

2NE1,who is going to be making a comeback this summer, released a new CF for their 11st Shopping mall Summer endorsement.

I enjoyed the styling of the Cf.  It’s summer, and it’s all about having fun! So the bold colors and prints worked.  Though CL has been receiving a lot of negative feedback for her swimsuit+bra combo, but who cares. She looks feirce and nothing is showing, so it should be no problem.

 Dara has also been receiving comments, though it’s about her small waist. Usually this is a positive topic that makes top news and makes netizens jealous as well, but this time it’s a different story. Netizens have been concerned about Dara’s weight. Especially after seeing CL’s Me2day update picture of her and Dara during filming.

The black on the sides of her white vest blends with the sofa giving the illusion that her waist is half of what it actually is.Honestly, she’s always been that skinny we just never notice it because she is always styled in extremly huge mens tees. I think it’s just in her genes…have you seen her brother Thunder  from MBLAQ?

What do you think?



9 Responses to 2NE1’s Summer Cf for 11st + Drama?

  1. Reebu says:

    i LOVE CL’s outfit x-x don’t understand why people are giving negative feedback, i mean, hello. it’s not THAT revealing =.=

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  4. mandyduong says:

    2ne1 🙂 always know how to look good

  5. CL hair is amazing! i love how wacky it is!

  6. Etrnlsuns says:

    i love the buttons idea 😮 dno where to get any to put on my shirt/blazers

  7. Yeah, dara is SUPER skinny~!

  8. Wickeddreamer says:

    At first I was so shocked cuz I though Dara became 1/2 her size….it’s good to know its only her clothing blending into the sofa.
    Love her bracelet!

  9. babychristopolis says:

    woah illusion! haha shes so pretty

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