F(x) truly loves Cheap Monday pt. 1

I haven’t been updating too much about f(x)‘s fashions for their NU ABO promotions. The girls wear so many various pieces and designers that my posts would look too bonkers. Though there is one brand that is worn in almost every performance, Cheap Monday.

On Crystal:

On Amber:

On Amber:


On Sulli:

Stay tuned for part 2.



7 Responses to F(x) truly loves Cheap Monday pt. 1

  1. Sofie says:

    Thank you SO MUCH for posting this! *bows down in worship*
    I tweeted and blogged about wanting those duct-tape jeans Amber wears wondering who they were by. Never thought they were by Cheap Monday (yay and I can afford them too ^ ^) they are awesome =D

    Would you be able to lend me your expertise in naming the designer of this item I’m looking for? It’s a box-style black t-shirt with a tiger print on the front worn by KwangHee of Z.EA in this video:

    (You get a clear view of it around 2:37)

    Thanks and keep up the good work, looking forward to part 2~!

    • kstyleblog says:

      Haha, no problem. Glad you liked it!
      I don’t know for sure ,but I’ll let you know a.s.a.p


  2. Etrnlsuns says:

    AHHH i superduper like the tights
    and the jean jacket with the patches
    omg yays love<3

  3. I love the duct tape jeans~

  4. Heids says:

    the duct tape tights are so. freaking. EPIC.

  5. Wickeddreamer says:

    I must agree the duct tape jeans are so boss ❤
    Now I want to experiment and put duct tape on my jeans…..

  6. babychristopolis says:

    i love their outfits… reminds me of 2NE1

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