YooBin goes M.I.A for Family outing 2

The Family outing 2 family(consisting of  Wonder girls, 2AM‘s Jo Kwon, SNSD‘s YoonA and many more stars) posed for a group photo. The colorful bunch dressed casual compared to their usual celeb fashions. Wonder Girl‘s Yoo Bin was sporting a piece from the Okley by M.I.A collection. 

It is the  M.I.A  President t-shirt. The tee was sold via Karmaloop.com back in 2008 for $85.00. The girls have been wearing a lot pieces from this collection for their 2 Different Tears promotions. I love it because I am a HUGE M.I.A  fan,she is one of the few English speaking artists that I listen to. You should really check out her music.



3 Responses to YooBin goes M.I.A for Family outing 2

  1. Etrnlsuns says:

    more triangles .___. im in love
    esp. how the sleeves are just like BAM- triangles.

  2. Wickeddreamer says:

    Woah, I didn’t know M.I.A had a clothing line…I should go check that out then!
    Love this shirt btw TRIANGLES ❤

  3. Heids says:

    I LOVE M.I.A!!! I never knew she had a clothing line…

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