Ga In’s spread in W Magazine

Brown Eyed Girl member Ga In is featured in this months W Magazine issue. She is pulling off a sexier look with leather, knee high pumps and a leotard. I know it sounds like I just described an outfit that no one should be wearing , but this is all in good taste.  I get a 1960’s vibe from makeup and hair style. Oh don’t you think her burgundy locks are killer !? ( I recently died my hair a similar color.) So I am in love.  Check out the shoot!

I love W magazine, the styling for the shoots are always…bad ass. Ha! I think Ga In fits perfectly with the magazine. Don’t you thinks so?



4 Responses to Ga In’s spread in W Magazine

  1. DBSKrazy says:

    wow she looks hot!!! i love her pumps and her dress in the last pictures as well :3

  2. Ga In is so fierce! ❤

  3. Wickeddreamer says:

    Looked up a pic of her pumps….So Cool!
    Mhmmm Ga-In can always pull of sexy/fierce with taste

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