Personal Taste Episode 1: Gae In’s hoodies

I am not a huge fan of Korean Dramas, but a piece of my heart now belongs to the drama Personal Preference/Taste . The drama features actress Sohn Ye-jin and actor Lee Min-ho. It’s about…well I think you need to watch it for yourself. Haha.

In the first episode Sohn Ye-jin‘s character, Park Gae In wears two oversized sweaters from the name brand PANCOAT. Check them out…



10 Responses to Personal Taste Episode 1: Gae In’s hoodies

  1. Meredith says:

    Thanks for this! I’ve been wondering about Gae In’s hoodies for awhile now! I recognized a few as Banc, but couldn’t identify a lot of them.

    Would you have any idea about this one from episode 4?

  2. mellowyel says:

    Thanks for this! I LOVE Personal Taste and Kae-in’s sloppy casual style. she looks so comfortable, lol. I’ve also fallen in love with Banc hoodies, but they’re pretty hard to come by in the States. Oh well, I have a friend going to S. Korea in the fall so I’ll have to ask him to get them for me! lol

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  5. shin min gi ( tina) says:

    cara pesan switernya gmana?
    lewat mana?

    bales ya 🙂

  6. Etrnlsuns says:

    duckie hehehe

    ahaha funny how he tucked the hood behind his ears xD


  8. Wickeddreamer says:

    I only watched the first couple episodes of this drama, but Son Ye Jin looks so pretty even when wearing over sized hoodies.

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