Minzy’s solo interview for 2010 BPGGC

2NE1‘s recently posed for 2010 Big Project Girl Group Crossdressing Photoshoot and shared a it of their view on denim. Now maknae Minzy’s full length interview has been released. 

– It seems like you wear denim a lot. What’s the brand you like?

Minzy: Yes I do wear it a lot. I don’t have a lot of confidence in my legs but I do wear shorts a lot and wear Bean Pole jeans.

– What’s your appearance when you go out?

Minzy: I usually go out with a fresh face (no make-up). I also wear beanies a lot (- Dont you still get recognized?) haha I don’t get recognized.

– Where do you usually go for shopping?

Minzy: Back then I usually went to Dongdaemun but nowadays i pick clothes in Apgujung. If there is a small vintage shop, I buy clothes from there and if there are pretty accessories I buy those too.

– Seeing as it’s all girls there must be selfishness within the group. Are there any fights over accessories?

Minzy: We know what each other likes. CL and Dara unnies likes the street look, with a unique point. I like it too, but I like more girly things too. A few days ago I saw a really pretty Alexander Wang one-piece dress. Nowadays one-piece dresses catches my eye.

– So that means we can see Gong Minji in a dress?
Minzy: Maybe. Don’t know about on stage yet haha

– You like to wear skirts/drseses? Is it because there is a guy you like?
Minzy: No way. It’s not like that. You know we have a 5 year ban on having boyfriends.

– What is the latest item you bought?
Minzy: It’s not a dress,but I bought a high waist skirt. It was feminine and had a volume feel. I think that’s why I’m ‘ero Minji’

– Nickname ‘Ero Minji’. Do you like it?
Minzy: It can be a bit dangerous but yes i like it. It has a mature and sexy feel. (- When do you feel sexy?) Minzy: When I have a shower hahaha

– Out of the male idols who else can have the ‘ero’ nickname?
Minzy: I’ve been watching different programs a lot because we have been on break but i think 2AM Jo Kwon has a feminine side I think he is the sexy-ist. hahaha


3 Responses to Minzy’s solo interview for 2010 BPGGC

  1. Etrnlsuns says:

    awww Q
    i wna see bom get interviewed :>

  2. Aww, minji is so cute, she looks like a doll! I love her baby face!

  3. Wickeddreamer says:

    I love how the concept is cross dressing, but Minji looks so cute and girly in this pic. Love her look.

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