2NE1’s outfit at Korean Grand Prix Opening Festival

Today, March 31st at the Seoul Grand Hilton Hotel Convention 2NE1 were guest performers for the Formula One (highest class of auto racing) Korean Grand Prix Opening Festival. South Korea will commence it’s first Formula One race in October of this Year. So in order to launch ticket sales for this massive event, actor Ryu Si Won, hosted the event and 2NE1 performed their great hits as well.

The girls look fierce in these  track suits, very appropriate for the occassion. Does the piece look familiar?…Remember the Zip up Bustier Track suit by Adidas x Jeremy Scott.  Well, it’s become a hot item both in and outside of Korea.

Both Ciara and Seo In Young  worked the original piece, but 2NE1 definitely owned the remake. I am under the impression  that Jeremy Scott designed these dresses for them or that Yang Seung Ho & Daniel ‘sexy’ Lee were inspired by the original dress and created this on their own.

I am not a fan of Korean pop stars wearing the same outfits for a performance, but this was genius. Keke Oh! Of course the girs wore their FILA Black Jack kicks as well.

Which is you favorite between Dara’s sleeveless one piece, Bom’s long sleeve one piece (similar to the original), CL’s two piece and Minzy’s Romper? 



3 Responses to 2NE1’s outfit at Korean Grand Prix Opening Festival

  1. char says:

    I actually loved their outfits! ❤ Very F1-ish. :))n And Dara's henna's amazing. LOL. Idk, since Jeremy Scott's pretty close to the YG fam now, maybe he gave them some of his other works? 😀

  2. WOW! I love the outfits! 2ne1 always has good taste and i never question anything they wear….their style is perfect in my opinion

  3. Wickeddreamer says:

    I just mentioned how much I like the track suit….guess I’m not the only one who likes it 😛

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